5TPH Complete Palm Oil Mill Setup in Thailand

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ABC Machinery is doing business primarily in manufacturing and supplying palm oil processing machine, palm kernel oil extraction machine, palm oil refinery plant, complete palm oil mill plant turnkey project. The palm oil production equipment ABC Machinery supplied is capable of making high quality palm oil and palm kernel oil for food industry and other industrial purposes. We also provide FREE project consultancy for customers to setup palm oil processing plant in Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, Honduras, United States, Brazil, and more.

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Palm Oil Production Business Plan

Thailand Palm Oil Production

Due to the tropical climate, Thailand is a great place for oil palm growth, which makes Thailand the third producer of palm oil in the world, behind Malaysia and Indonesia. In the past, there were a large shortage of palm oil. Since 1991, the palm oil production in Thailand has surpassed its domestic demand. However, due to the weather disaster, price volatility and more other reasons, the government is always to ensure the storage of palm oil, even importing the palm oil from other countries. (Latest Post: Palm Oil Factory in Malaysia >>)

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Global Palm Oil Production Statistics (Billion/Year)

5PH Palm Oil Mill Setup in Thailand

In order to meet the demand of small scale palm oil production, ABC Machinery designs the complete palm oil processing mill with capacity about 1~5TPH. This type of small scale palm oil mill plant cost lower than large scale counterparts and keep higher output rate. Below introduces the 1~5TPH Palm Oil Mill Plant Processing Flow Chart.

5tph palm oil mill plant installed in Thailand
5TPH Palm Oil Mill in Thailand

  • Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch Reception

This process is to get the palm fruit and weight it. The main equipment for this process is Loading Ramp

  • Sterilization

Since the fresh palm fruit is more likely to rancid, this process is prevent the rancidity of palm fruit by controlling the enzyme. The main equipment for this process is sterilizer.

  • Threshing

This process is to get the palm fruit from the bunches. The main equipment for this process is thresher.

  • Oil Extraction

This process is to extract palm oil from the fruit. This widely used palm oil pressing method is mechanical method that adopts the screw palm oil press machine to squeeze the oil.

  • Oil Clarification

Since the palm oil directly obtained from the oil press machine contains many impurities that is not good for the storage and quality of palm oil, it is needed to remove all of theme. This clarification process is to remove the impurities contained in the crude palm oil. This equipment in the process include palm oil filter press, palm oil refinery machine.

  • Palm Kernel Recovery

This process is to collect the palm nuts and separate it from the shell to get the palm kernel for palm kernel oil processing.

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How to Start a Palm Oil Mill Factory in Thailand?

Starting palm oil processing factory in Thailand would be a great way to make much money for local oil palm farmers. There are two ways you can have reference when thinking about entering the palm oil production industry in Thailand.

palm oil production growth in Thailand
Palm Oil Production Growth in Thailand

Optional One

You can offer the service for local customers to process the palm fruit, including palm fruit harvest and palm oil extraction. It is a win-win strategy since they can process their palm fruit without investment for palm oil processing equipment, but also has a quick, easy and convenient way to process their palm fruit. At the same time, you can make the most of the palm oil processing mill and cover the cost quickly.

Optional Two

Also, you can directly get the palm fruit from the small scale farmers and then produce high quality palm oil and sell it into the local or international market, which can bring much more profits if you have good market strategy. (Read more: Palm Oil Processing Plant Cost>>)

However, in order to ensure the success of the investment no matter which way you choose, there are many factors that should be take into consideration before starting. They are stable electricity supply, skilled workers and high quality palm fruit and more. If you are truly interested in start palm oil mill plant in Thailand or any where, please contact us for more information!

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