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In the business of investing in the construction of palm oil processing plant in Indonesia, the selection of the mill site is a crucial part of the whole project construction. This decision not only directly affects the progress of the factory construction and the scale of investment, but also has a significant impact on the local economy, environmental protection, agricultural development, and social benefits. Therefore, precise and careful location selection will play a decisive role in the long-term planning and sustainable development of the palm oil mill project.

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Guiding Principles for Optimal Palm Oil Mill Plant Locations

The selection of a palm oil factory site is a critical decision that is vital to the operation and success of a palm oil manufacturer. The following are some of the important factors and requirements to consider in site selection for the plant:

Ideal Climatic Conditions for Oil Palm Cultivation

The ideal temperature range for palm cultivation is between 25-28℃, with an annual rainfall of 2,000 to 2,500 millimeters. (Indonesia's climate is perfectly suitable.) Regions prone to extreme weather events, such as hurricanes or droughts, should be avoided to ensure the consistent growth and yield of oil palm trees.

Average Temperature & Annual Precipitation in Common Cities in Indonesia
Cities Average annual temperature (℃) Annual precipitation (mm)
Jakarta 25-31 1500 - 2000
Bali 23-31 1000 - 2000
Yogyakarta 24-32 1500 - 2500
Bandung 19-26 1500 - 2500
Semarang 25-31 1500 - 2500

Proximity to Palm Plantations

Locating the palm oil processing plant in close proximity to palm plantations offers logistical advantages. Reduced transportation costs and increased operational efficiency can be achieved when the distance between the plantation and processing facility is minimized.

Accessibility and Comprehensive Infrastructure

  1. Adequate water and electricity resources: The plant site should have sufficient, reliable water and power sources that meet the requirements of production and life and can meet the needs of enterprise development.

The water consumption of the palm oil factory is large, especially the cooling water of the leaching workshop is a clean water source with low temperature (below 25℃), so the water source should not be more than 50m away from the location of the factory.

  1. Excellent transportation conditions: the site should have convenient, smooth and economical transportation conditions.

Near the river, river, lake, sea site, when the navigational conditions can meet the requirements of the factory transportation, should make full use of waterway transportation, and the site should be close to suitable for the construction of the wharf section.

  1. Ensure the convenience of workers' life: the factory site should be close to the towns and cities that can be relied on or the areas where workers' life is convenient.

Consideration of Economic Feasibility

Palm oil plant site selection should be carried out program of technical and economic comparisons, optimal determination of economic, social and environmental benefits of good plant site. (Related Posts: Cost Analysis of Starting Palm Oil Plant in Indonesia>>)

Compliance with Local Regulations

In the palm oil milling plant site selection, should be carried out by the relevant departments and relevant professional synergy, should be in line with the national industrial layout, and with the local urban and industrial areas in coordination with the overall planning.

Attention To Environmental Impact

Palm oil mills are enterprises that produce harmful gases, and their sites should not be selected in areas where the inversion layer is often low and thick and where the frequency of static winds throughout the year exceeds 45%. Palm oil mills are also factories that generate noise pollution and should not be sited in noise-sensitive areas.

By following the principles outlined above, investors can determine the best location for their mills. This will help to ensure that your palm oil processing plant achieves optimal economic, social and environmental benefits, leading to sustainable development.

Technique requirements of Palm Oil Processing Plant Site Selection

In our comprehensive consideration of palm oil processing factory site selection, we emphasize comprehensive factors including climatic conditions, accessibility, and environmental friendliness. In what follows, we will delve into some of the key technical requirements to ensure better site selection outcomes and avoid some of the risks.

  • The shape of the site should be as simple as possible, and there should be appropriate room for development according to the needs of plant development planning.
  • The natural topography of the site should be conducive to the layout of the plant, transportation within the plant, site drainage and reduction of earth (stone) works, etc., and the slope of the natural ground should not be greater than 5%.
  • In order not to be flooded, the elevation of buildings and roads should be at least 0.5m higher than the highest flood level.
  • The geology of the site should be suitable for construction, and the ground resistance is generally required to be above 0.15MPa.

Plant Sites Should Not Be selected in the Following Lots or Areas

► Seismic faults and seismic zones with basic seismic intensity higher than 9 degrees.
► Engineering geology is seriously poor section.
► Mineral deposits with mining value and within the boundaries of mining trap (wrong movement) area.
► Scenic areas, nature reserves and historical relics and monuments protection zones stipulated by the state.
► Within the influence of regulations on airplane landing and taking off, radio communication, TV transmission, radar navigation and astronomical, meteorological and seismic observation and important military facilities.
► Reservoirs where safety cannot be ensured, in areas that may not be available after the dam breaks.
► Vulnerable to flood hazards, or flood control project is very large, it is still difficult to ensure the safety of the plant section.
► Within the blasting hazardous area.
► Below large tailing ponds and waste dumps.
► There are serious radioactive material contamination impact zone.
► Water supply water source health protection zone.
► Areas where the frequency of static wind exceeds 60% throughout the year.

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