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palm kernel oil processing business plan
How to start your own palm kernel oil processing business?

Palm kernel oil (PKO) is has very similar compositions and properties as coconut oil. It is a kind of co-product of palm oil production. With the fast growth of palm oil, palm kernel oil will replace coconut oil as the main resource of lauric acid. 

Palm Fruit Oil Vs Palm Kernel Oil

The chemical properties and physical properties of these two oils are very different. They also have different fatty acid compositions.

Palm Fruit Oil Palm Kernel Oil
  • Palmitate 43.7%
  • Stearic Acid 4.4%
  • Oleic Acid 39.9%
  • linoleic acid 10.3%
  • Laurate 48%
  • Myristic Acid 16%

ABC Machinery has been in the field of palm kernel oil processing and palm oil milling for many years. We boast skillful professionals and premium quality equipment to deal with large or small palm oil and palm kernel oil processing. If you have any questions about palm oil and palm kernel oil production, please contact us without any hesitation!

Palm Kernel Processing Method

The basic process of palm kernel oil extraction is: palm nut & fiber separation, palm kernel crushing, kernel & shell separation, flaking machine (optional), palm kernel oil pressing machine (oil extraction), palm oil clarification, filtering, crude palm kernel oil.

palm kernel with fiber
Co-product of Palm Oil Processing (Palm Kernel and Fiber Mixture)
palm fiber and palm kernel separating machine for sale
Palm Fiber and Palm Kernel Seperating Machine

Generally, a complete palm kernel crushing plant includes nut & fiber separation system, crushing system, oil pressing system and crude oil clarification system. The main machines used in palm kernel oil extraction plant include nut & fiber separating machine, palm kernel crushing machine, cooking machine, palm kernel oil extraction machine (mechanical screw pressing), oil filter press machine, etc.

  • Nut & Fiber Separation: It is also known as palm kernel recovery.
  • Palm Kernel Crushing: Toothed Roll Crusher is generally used in palm kernel oil mill.
  • Palm Kernel and Shell Separation: The kernel is sent to palm kernel oil extraction machine, while palm kernel shells are sent to boiler to be used as fuel. Separating the shells from the kernel can not only greatly improve the oil yield and production efficiency, but also help reduce the wear of oil extraction equipment.
  • Palm Kernel Oil Extraction: A method of extracting oil by means of a mechanical pressing is adopted. Click here to read more about palm kernel oil expeller >>
  • Clarification and Filtration: The impurities in the oil are separated through clarification and filtration process to get relatively pure palm kernel oil. 
  • Crude Palm Kernel Oil: The quality of palm kernel oil obtained through the above steps is already up to the standard of edible oil. But if you to produce high quality kernel oil product for special purposes, you can send the crude oil to palm kernel oil refinery machine for further processing.

Set Up a Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant

If you live in Nigeria, Malaysia or Indonesia where there is a strong demand for palm kernel oil for both domestic and industrial use, you should consider starting palm kernel oil milling business and running your own palm kernel production plant. The basic education and training required for the entire palm kernel oil business can be easily obtained by consulting professional palm kernel oil machine manufacturer for guidance or by scouring the Internet. (Related Machinery: Palm Kernel Expeller Machine for Sale)

palm kernel processing plant turnkey projects
Palm Kernel Processing Plant for Manufacturing Edible Oil

In addition to customized crushing machines, efficient and large palm kernel oil production should be accomplished within a professional and well-designed processing plant. That's why you should establish a palm kernel processing mill if you want to make huge profits from palm oil industry. So, what’s the palm kernel processing plant? And what’s the basic production processes in this processing plant? How much it will cost to set up a palm kernel oil processing plant, from small scale to large scale? Please keep reading and find all the answers. (You may also be interested in Plam Kernel Oil Extraction Plant)

Palm kernel oil processing plant is mainly composed of two processing lines: crude oil production line and refinery line.

Palm Kernel Oil Production Line

-- to get crude oil

drawing of palm kernel processing plant
Basic Design of Palm Kernel Processing Plant

The primary purpose of our palm kernel oil processing plant is to improve the oil yield rate while saving production and maintenance cost. The processes of palm kernel crushing and extraction are complicated and technique required. Typically, the machine and equipment for kernel / seed oil processing plant includes the cleaning equipment, the crushing machines, the separation equipment, the drying and cooking machine, the pressing and refining equipment.

Palm Kernel Refining Line

-- to get high quality further processed palm kernel oil product for different purpose or use

palm kernel oil refining equipment
Choose the suitable oil refining machinery for your palm oil mill plant

The refining equipment can be divided into: batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment, and full continuous refining equipment. Generally, if the processing capacity is less than 20 ton/day, we suggest batch type process design. If the processing capacity is between 20 ton/day and 50 ton/day, semi-continuous type is suggested. For large industrial scale palm kernel oil mill with capacity more than 50 ton/day, you should choose full continuous refining process and equipment.

For higher quality, the crude palm kernel oil should be refined (how to refine palm kernel oil?). According to the using purpose, palm kernel oil can be refined trough physical process and chemical process to remove harmful or useless impurities and substance. It is worth mentioning that our palm kernel oil refinery equipment is also ideal to refine other vegetable oils. The basic palm kernel oil refining machines in a processing plant include degumming machine, deacidification or neutralization, bleaching or decoloring machine, distillation or deodorization machine and the palm kernel fractionation machine.  (News: 20 ton/day palm oil refinery plant in Nigeria)

The complete palm kernel processing plant we design and supply has the following features:

  • The processing plant is automatic and requires less labors.
  • All the machines and equipment is easy to operate and maintain.
  • With electrical interlock system, the whole processing plant is running safe and efficiently.
  • Energy-saving design greatly reduces the energy and materials consumption.
  • Oxidation-resistance technology ensures higher oil output within the physical and chemical process.

Cost of Setting Up a Palm Kernel CrushingPlant

The total cost on setting up a processing plant involves the cost on different types of processing machines and equipment, transportation, energy consumption and administration fees. If you want to have detailed price about a processing plant, you can contact us, we will calculate the final cost based on the actual situation and plant design. 

Succesful Palm Kernel Crushing and Processing Plant [Turnkey Projects]

palm kernel crushing and processing plant
60 ton/day Palm Kernel Processing Machine

The crushing machine designed and manufactured by our company - ABC Machinery, features premium quality and low price. More importantly, we have professional team to tailor palm kernel crushing plant so as to meet different palm kernel oil production capacity. If you are interested in getting more details and latest factory price of our palm kernel crushing machine and plant, you are welcomed to contact us!

palm kernel crushing machine for sale
Palm Kernel Crushing Machine for Sale

What’s palm kernel crushing machine?

Palm kernel is an edible seed that is obtained from oil palm fruit. This kind of fruit can produce two different oils,one is palm oil that is extracted from the sarcocarp of palm fruit, the other is palm kernel oil that is extracted from the inner side (fruit core). Palm kernel crushing machine is specially designed to crack the shell of palm nuts through intensive friction. The palm kernel can further processed for edible or other purposes.

Features of our palm kernel crushing machine

  • Greatly improve the palm kernel oil yield efficiency.
  • Requires less maintenance and very easy to clean and operate
  • Not only suitable for small capacity of palm kernel crushing, but also large capacity of palm kernel oil extraction plant.
  • Our palm kernel crushing machines are sold at factory price, so it is great choice for those who have tight budget and want to buy affordable palm kernel crusher of high quality. 
  • Detail and total price of all equipments for establishing palm kernel processing plant
  • Hello, dear. It is better to provide us more details about your expected palm kernel oil processing plant, including capacity, final products purpose, requirements, etc. Then, we can offer the specific cost and equipment lists. Thanks.
  • I am a start - up agro - processing entrepreneur who wants to establish a palm kernel oil processing / extraction plant in Nigeria.
    Kindly supply me a quote for the entire cost of a 10 TONS / DAY PALM KERNEL OIL PROCESSING PLANT. I look forward to receiving your quote.
  • Hello, dear. Thanks for your inquiry. I believe it is profitable to have your own palm kernel oil production business in Nigeria. Generally, a full complete palm kernel oil production line with capacity of 10 ton/day is $ 60,000 around. However, it is not the fixed cost, the exact price should take a lot of factors into consideration. The detailed equipment price list has sent to you, please check it in time. Any questions, please contact us directly.
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