Guidance of Investing in Palm Oil Processing Plant in India

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Undertake 1~20 ton/day Palm Oil Processing Plant Design and Construction

build palm oil processing plant in India
Machine and Cost for Seting Up Palm Oil Extraction Plant in India

Ever thought of getting into palm oil business? Though often overlooked, palm oil processing in India has turned to be one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas that one can venture in. Just like any business idea, an analysis of the market situation is essentially important before considering setup a palm oil processing plant in India. This article, therefore, intends to shed more light on the market situation in the palm industry in India. (Related Post: Palm Oil Processing in Nigeria )

How Much Does It Cost to Start Palm Oil Milling Factory in India?

Here is approximate cost of opening a small palm oil mill: $20,000~$30,000 is needed for small scale palm oil production with the output 5~10 tons per day. This is just for reference since the the cost is closely related to the project plan and equipment included. Click here to see the equipment for setting up a small scale palm oil extraction mill.

palm oil processing factory layout design
Medium Scale Palm Oil Processing Factory Layout Design
(Read more about the 4 ton/hour crude palm oil processing project report)

A complete palm oil milling factory which is built for extracting oil from fresh fruit bunches of oil palm tree includes the following workshop section:

The cost of establish a palm oil milling factory is greatly related your requirement. So before get the total amount of project cost, you must think out a few questions: How much palm fruits you plan to process per day or per month? What do you want to get, crude red palm oil or refined palm oil? Do you need the quipment for separating the palm kernel and fibre? Does palm oil fractionan process necessary in your business plan? Do you need the equipments for processing palm kernel oil

If you don't know where to start for check the cost of start palm oil processing plant in india, here is a good news for you! All of our consulting services are free of charge! So welcome contact us and we will help you make it clear.

Market Analysis: Palm Oil Processing Industry in India

India Palm Oil Imports by year
India Palm Oil Imports by Year (1964~2018)

India has one of the largest vegetable oil economies in the world. However, the country mainly relies on imports to meet its need for palm oil. As of 2015 to now, the Palm oil market size has been valued to more than 5 billion according to, which shows the potential of massive growth if taken seriously.

palm oil industry in India
Palm Oil Industry in India

Analysis of Palm Oil Demand in India Market

Currently, there has been an increase in demand in India for edible oils, palm oil accounting to more than 86 percent of India's total edible oil imports according to The continuous rise in consumer products such as personal care products and household goods has played a significant role in demand for palm oil in the country.

edible red palm oil in India market
Edible Palm Oil in India Market

Palm oil has often been preferred against other oils for two simple reasons. One it is cheap compared to other oils and two, it can be used in making a vast array of consumer commodities. The commodities ranging from soaps, shaving foams to ice creams and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Despite the great demand, India is highly dependent on other nations such as Indonesia and Malaysia to meet its need for palm oil. Meaning, the local industries are not able to satisfy the market demand in the country, and there is a considerable gap to be filled by the Indian investors.

If you have been moved by the above information and feel interested in starting a palm processing plant in India below are some of the steps you can use.

How to Make Your Palm Oil Business Plan Step by Step

  • Look for the Best Location for Your Palm Oil Milling Factory

An ideal location gives your business a competitive advantage over the other participants in the industry. For palm oil, it best to look for an area near the palm plantations. This will make it easier to access the raw material directly from the farmers.

  • Get Equipped with the Necessary Palm Fruits Processing Equipment

Here, focus on starting with a simple technology since it is a startup. You don't have to start with heavy machines to get the work done. Some of the necessary equipment includes palm fruit stripper, boiler nut fiber separator, and mechanical screw palm oil press.

  • Getting the Palm Oil Processing Plant Set Up

Make sure you get an experienced palm oil extraction machine manufacturer to help you set up the processing plant at a low cost.

  • Look for the Best Working Team for Your Factory / Company

Experienced workers in the palm oil production industry are the best to work with because of the experience they will bring into the business.

  • Market Your Palm Oil Business

Make sure you do more than just the traditional advertisement campaign. Reach your customers through brochures, radio, local newspapers and even through social media marketing. You can also opt to look help from an expert marketer.

Always remember, just like in any business you need to pay attention to what people want not what has already been done or created. Interested to get the detailed palm oil processing machine price supplied by ABC Machinery? Don't hesitate to contact us (

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