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The palm fruit receive the palm oil mill as fruit bunch which is embedded with many small individual fruits. In the threshing station of palm oil mill, the individual fruits will be detached from the bunch by use of FFBs thresher/stripper. Rotating drum and fixed drum are the two main threshing machine applied in palm oil milling process. The bunch waste from the palm oil milling process is incinerated and the ash, a rich source of potassium, is returned to the plantation as fertilizer.

Main Machinery in this station: Thresher (threshing tripper) and Inclined Fruit Bar Conveyor.

threshing of palm oil milling project
Palm Fruit Bunches in Stripping Machine Empty Bunch after Threshing/Stripping Palm Fruits
threshing station of palm oil mill
Threshing Staion in Palm Oil MIll Palm Oil MIll Threshing Section Palm Fruit Threshing Machine / Thresher

We meet the demands of virtually every application in the edible palm oil milling industries. With premium quality oil mill machinery and professional processing systems & technologies in the field of palm oil extraction and refineries, you can depend on our equipment and expertise to help you design and build customized palm oil mill.

Genergy Process of Palm Oil Milling Project/Factory

  1. Bunch Reception
  2. Bunch Sterilization
  3. Bunch Threshing (discharge empty bunches)
  4. Fruit Digestion
  5. Pulp Pressing (residual: mixture of nut and fiber)
  6. Palm Oil Clarification
  7. Palm Oil Drying
  8. Bulk Oil Storage
process of palm oil milling

Ideal Composition of Palm Fruit Bunch

Bunch weight 23-27 kg
Fruit/bunch 60-65 %
Oil/bunch 21-23 %
Kernel/bunch 5-7 %
Mesocarp/bunch 44-46 %
Mesocarp/fruit 71-76 %
Kernel/fruit 21-22
Shell/fruit 10-11

Construct a Fully Automatic Palm Oil Mill Project

palm oil milling process

Palm Oil Mill Design

ABC Machinery is specialized in designing and constructing large scale palm oil milling plant including all machines to manufacture palm oil to international standards. The capacity ranges from 3 tonnes to 60 tonnes of FFBs per hour. Our palm oil mill projects are designed with mechanical handling systems including pipelines, pumps, screw conveyors and bucket. The mill is specially designed for palm oil milling production, featuring of high automatic and continuously operation.

In the case of Boilers, fuelled by fiber and shell, they produce superheated steam, used to create power through turbine generators. However, the lower weight steam coming from the turbine is utilized for warming purposes all through the palm oil milling plant. Most processing operations are automatically controlled, routine sampling and analysis by process control labs to guarantee effective and smooth running. The extraction rates of our palm oil mill project can reach 23~24%.

palm oil milling machinery

Many palm oil machines are also capable of processing other crops with minor modifications. Case in point, the vertical digester can be modified to be used as a mixer, the screw oil press can be utilized for de-watering and extrusion, the sterilizers are equipped for cooking vegetables, oats and grains and additionally roots and tubers.

  • Good day, I want to make a request for screw press, thresher and converoys.
    Please kindly reply me on my email. Thank you.
  • Hello, dear. The Mini Palm Oil Mill Plant (capacity:1~10 tons per day) we designed has thresher, screw oil press, oil filter and conveyors. It is exactly what you need. Please tell us your preferred capacity, so we can offer the detailed quotation for your reference.
  • I need a cost review of the different kinds of palm oil milling plants you have. I mean complete milling plants from threshing to packaging.
  • Hello, sir/madam,
    We have strong capacity to provide complete palm oil processing plant at your request. But the detailed price list should take a lot of factors into consideration, especially the capacity you expected. So, please inform us more details, then we can offer the customized proposal and cost.


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