How to Make Palm Oil Production Process Design for Starting Business?

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Palm oil production process design is the design of the entire production process flow from palm fruit branches to finished palm oil, including process design, equipment matching based on the process and  the diagrammatic representation of all the unit equipment and mechanical equipment and production sequence. Different palm oil milling process decides the production cost, raw materials cost, equipment setup, operation scale and cost etc., needing attention before startimg your palm oil business plan.

Business Plan: Palm oil production process design
Business Plan: Palm Oil Production Process Design at Low Cost

ABC Machinery is a Chinese palm oi processing machine manufacrtuer and supplier, offering the factory price equipmnet and palm oil production process design at low cost, having setup mutiple palm oi mill projects with customized production process in Nigeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana etc., Welcome to contact us for more information about palm oil processing.

Guide To Design Palm Oil Production Process for Business Plan

The choice of palm oil processing flow must analyze and compare all factors, from the theoretical and practical possibilities for demonstration, to confirm that it is in line with the requirements of the designed palm oil business plan. When designing the palm oil processing flow, we must ensure the advanced and scientific process. (Related article: palm oil process plant in nigeria>>)

customized palm oil production process
Custmized Palm Oil Prodcution line Process

Basis for A Good Palm Oil Milling Process 

  • Palm oil production business plan statement. Collect the original basic information and the relevant equipment samples and technical information.

  • The characteristics of the processed palm fruit or palm kernel: product quality and variety requirements.

  • The production capacity which depends on the source and quantity of raw materials; the production capacity of the supporting equipment; the actual forecast of production; the mix of processing varieties; the market demand, etc.

  • Auxiliary materials: water, steam, electricity, fuel, energy and auxiliary production materials are expected to match the consumption and actual supply, due to the shortage of supply will also affect the choice of process flow in varying degrees

  • In the design of the process flow, should also take into account the local industrial base, technical strength, equipment manufacturing capacity and the level of operation after commissioning. Determine the process flow suitable for the local situation and make a visionary plan for future development.

Note: Generally, the palm oil mill line with larger production capacity is in a position to choose more complex and advanced processes and equipment. The palm oil mill plants with small production capacity can choose simple processes and equipment according to the conditions. Large palm oil processing plant uses continuous production, automatic control more; small palm oil plant should be semi-continuous or intermittent production, the use of manual control more stable. And different scales of palm oil miling machinery have different price, you can contact us for the latest price list of palm oil mills.

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Principles of Palm oil Making Process Flow Design

  • Make full use of the palm fruits to obtain the highest yield of finished products. Select the palm oil production process that is conducive to the comprehensive use of raw materials and multi-level deep processing of products.

  • Under the premise of mature palm oil milling and esxtraction technology, actively adopt new technology, new process, new equipment and new methods to go, so that the operation is automated mechanically and the process is continuous. (Read more: palm oil business in nigeria>>)

  • The use of advanced and feasible palm oil milling process indicators, in the premise of being able to achieve the process indicators, try to shorten the line of the process, reduce the number of equipment, especially to reduce the number of conveying equipment, not only saving plant, but also reducing the production cost.

  • To make the palm oil in your palm oil mill factory sucessfully,  it should fully consider the safety operation and labor protection issues, and the process should be equipped with better control instruments and safety facilities, such as safety detection, safety assurance and safety linkage mean. Heating medium as far as possible using high temperature, low pressure, non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive substances.

  • Estimate the possible failure eclipse in production, to ensure normal operation of palm oil processing, frequent stopping should be avoided to improve production efficiency, the production contingency  plan should be considered and the necessary backup equipment and processes should be setup.

Typical Steps to Make Palm Oil Production Process Design

The palm oil milling process design involves a wide range of content, and often takes several iterations to complete, and is a process from qualitative design to definitive design. Other aspects of process design such as ridge design, workshop layout design, piping layout design, etc. will affect the final results. The palm oil production process design is a process of adjustment and improvement based on the raw materials, equipemnt selection and cost cuclation. (Learn more: palm oil production business outlook>>)

palm oil mill plants with customized porudction process
Sucessful Palm Oil Mill Plants Setup with Customized Porudction Process

The design for palm oil production buisness can be divided into the following steps: 

  • Material flow diagram design. In determining the production method, determine the production process and supporting parts after drawing material flow diagram.

  • Material accounting and heat accounting

  • Draw material balance diagram

  • Selection of stereotypical equipment and design of non-standard equipment

  • Drawing process sketch.

  • Draw formal palm oil process flow chart, i.e., control point process flow chart, further improve and adjust the process flow, so that the palm oil production business can sucessfully start.

If you have any plans to start palm oil production business, you can contact us for more details.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Successful Palm Oil Processing Plant Worldwide

ABC Machinery is one professional manufactuer and supplier of palm oil production process design, business plan design, equipemnt selction, cost culcalation etc., have setup palm oil mill projects around the world. Here is one of our palm oil milling projects with customized production process setup in Thailand, 



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