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Palm Oil Extraction does not end at the final product of edible palm oil. In the process of extracting and refining palm oil, by-products (which are what remains from the palm kernel after most of the oil is removed from it) are also produced. Although most Palm Oil Business are ultimately interested in the quality of the final oil product, these by-products can also be recycled and profited from. Unfortunately, despite the overall surplus of by-products, the utilization rate of these by-products is low. With the vast experience we have in palm oil processing, we are happy to share information about the use of the by-products from Palm Oil Processing Plant.

palm oil processing plant for commercial uses
Commercial Palm Oil Processing Plant

By-products in Palm Oil Processing Plant

Palm nuts are very valuable because they can be used to create three raw products -- palm kernel oil (Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine), dry cakes made of mesocarp fibre, and palm kernel shells. The three main by-products from the process of extracting oil from palm kernels are the Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB), the Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), and the Mesocarp Fibre (MF). The valuable uses of these products are described below.

  • Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB)

As its name suggests, these are the fibres that hold the fruits when they grow on the palm tree. These are useful biomasses formed during extraction process of palm oil. When the moisture is removed from these bunches, the EFB can serve as an efficient form of fuel with sufficient combustion temperature. These bunches can be recycled to power steam boilers to produce steam that can in turn run turbines to produce electricity. With technical and social development in our societies, as well as an increase in awareness in environmental sustainability, EFBs have increasingly been used as a valuable source of renewable energy.

Empty Fruit Bunches and EFB Pellets

  • Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

After the seed is removed from its kernel for oil extraction, the remaining fractions of shell that are removed after they are crushed become a useful by-product known as the palm kernel shells. These shells will either be large, fibrous and bulky, or small and dust-like. All of these are mixed together to create a good quality biomass fuel that is easily handled and stored due to its low moisture content. These fibres can usually be pressed to form solid fuels to power steam boilers, just like the EFB, to generate electricity. With these sources of fuel (from the EFB and the PKS), palm oil production mills are often self-sufficient and able to produce the energy they require to power the machines using only these by-product biomass fuels from their own production chain. These fuels are also cleaner and preferred over coal because it emits less dark smoke that exacerbate the issue of global climate change.

palm kernel shells to generate electricity
Palm Kernel Shells to Generate Eelectricity

  • Mesocarp Fibres (MF)

After the palm oil fruits are pressed, the remaining dry "cake" that is formed is made up of mesocarp fibres. These "cakes" have several uses ranging from being turned into soil fertiliser, being used to make fibre boards and blackboards, to making fatty-acid based animal feed.

mesocarp fibres to animal feeds
Mesocarp Fibres to Animal Feeds

  • Palm Oil

Palm oil is often the main product that producers are aiming to extract and sell. However, for businesses looking for diversification, the final product of palm oil can also be further used as a raw material to manufacture soaps.

sopas made from red palm oil
Soaps Made from Red Palm Oil

ABC Machine Offers Complet Palm Oil Processing Solutions

ABC Machinery is the professonal in designing and manufacturing machines for palm oil extraction and refining. Our machines are designed and manufactured based on safety guidelines and the knowledge we gain from our own research team to ensure that our products are of high quality and safe. We are a trusted brand and have facilitated the development of Palm Oil Processing Plant for extracting palm oil in 60 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania and Mexico. We are committed to offering you our technical expertise and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge about starting and building a quality mill plant with you. As you have read above, we are also keen to assist you in optimising your use of by-products to gain the best profit and to be part of a growing biofuel industry. (Related Article: Cost of Setting up a Palm Oil Mill in Nigeria >>)

palm oil mill machinery supplier - ABC Machinery
Small Palm Oil Mill Plant

In addition, we also provide professional technical team to design the whole palm oil mill plant, help customers maximize the the commercial profits by making most use of the by-products produced during the process of palm oil manufacturing. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us to get more information and technical supports.

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