Business Plan Guideline: Palm Oil Mill Plant Factory Layout Design

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Capital construction of a palm oil processing business refers to the construction, addition and installation of fixed assets, including-g the construction of factories, farms, reservoirs, stores and other projects, as well as the addition and installation of machinery, equipment and vehicles. (Related article: palm oil processing business plan>>)

palm oil mill factory layout design

How to Design Palm Oil Mill Plant Factory Layout?

As the core of the palm oil production business, palm oil mill plant factory design is the most important part of the infrastructure, and the reasonable design of the plant is related to the efficiency of the palm oil mill and the effectiveness of the plant. Here is to tell you how to start your palm oil mill plant layout design. If you have any questions about palm oil mill plant factory layout design, welcome to contact us at no cost. 

Palm Oil Mill Plant Factory Land Selection for Business 

Factory land selection is the first step to start your palm oil production business plan. When starting palm oil mill factory site selection, must be appropriate to local conditions, save land and improve land utilization. (Related article: palm oil machine price>>)

low cost Large Palm Oil Mill Palnt Layout

Low Cost Large Palm Oil Mill Palnt Layout for Business

  • It should be in line with national conditions, reasonable layout, safe production and convenient living, advanced technology, protection of the environment, save investment, low operating costs, and help improve the economic, social and environmental benefits of enterprises.

  • In the palm oil mill plant factory design, the technical and economic comparison of the program should be carried out to determine the best design options. Due to the special nature of palm oil production line, the impact on the surrounding environment should be especially considered when selecting the plant site.

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

General Palm Oil Processing Plant Design Low Cost

General plan design is the second step of palm oil mill plant factory design, meanwhile is an important part of grease plant design, its basic task is to arrange the buildings and structures of different functions of the whole plant according to the whole production process, combined with land conditions, to achieve the best reasonable state of logistics and human flow, so that the building groups form an organic whole, so as to facilitate the organization of production and enterprise management. (Rleate article: small scale palm oil processing machine price in nigeria>>)

factory price palm oil mill factory laytout

Start Palm Oil Mill Factory Layout Design with Low Cost for Business Plan

The content of the general plan design of a palm oil processing factory layout includes: general layout, vertical layout, comprehensive arrangement of pipelines, green design, transportation design, etc. (Read more: how profitable is palm oil business >>)

General Palm Oil Factory layout Arrangement

The palm oil mill plant factory is generally divided into palm oil production area, auxiliary production area, public works, storage area and pre-plant area. Auxiliary production areas and public works settings according to specific conditions, can be arranged in the production area, but also in a separate area arrangement. 

Reasonable division of the interception and determine the width of the plant channel, blocks, device areas and buildings, the appearance of buildings should be regular.

Reasonable use of site topography, combined with engineering geology and hydrological conditions, into the play reasonable layout of buildings, structures and related facilities.

According to the local weather and geographic location, so that the building has a good orientation and natural ventilation. Production of buildings with special requirements and more people, should avoid the west sun.

Vertical Design for Palm Oil Processing Plant

The vertical design of the palm oil mill factory shall conform to the requirements of the vertical planning of the relevant urban land in the local urban master plan and the general layout of the chemical district, and be considered in unison with the general layout of the palm oil processing machine plant, so that the factory land site should meet the requirements for plant construction and creates good conditions for construction, production, operation management and plant development. 

Integrated Pipeline Arrangement in Factory Layout

Integrated palm oil mill plant layout of pipelines should be combined with the general layout of the plant, vertical design and greening arrangements, unified planning, so that the pipelines, pipelines and buildings, structures, roads, railroads, etc. in the plane and vertical coordination between each other, compact and reasonable, favorable palm oil mill factory capacity.

Greening Design for Palm Oil Processing Factory 

Greening design should be in line with the overall palm oil mill factory layout requirements of the chemical area, and the general layout of the palm oil milling plant, vertical design and pipeline layout unified consideration. as far as possible to improve the plant green space rate and greening coverage.

At the same time, greening design should not hinder palm oil production operations, equipment maintenance, transportation, pipeline laying and maintenance, and does not affect the firefighting operations and building lighting, ventilation.

Transportation Design of Palm Oil Milling Factory

Transportation design of palm oil processing enterprises should be based on the nature of the goods, flow, annual transport volume, to and from the sitting conditions and the current situation and planning of the local transport system, as well as local natural conditions and collaboration conditions, and other factors, to carry out a comparison of transport solutions, choose the transport mode that can adapt to the palm oil production requirements, save investment, low operating costs, high efficiency, strong continuity and safety and reliability.

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