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palm oil screw press

After bunch reception, bunch sterilizing, threshing and digesting, the palm fruits are pressed into a screw palm oil press. Mixture of oil and cake will be extracted by use of palm oil press machine. Besides, nuts and fibre or press cake will also be discharged as palm oil pressing residues.

palm oil pressing

Palm Oil Pressing Machine (Oil Extraction)

palm oil screw presses

Screw pressing is the main method of palm oil extraction. In pressing stage, mechanical screw palm oil pressing machine is used to extract the oil out of digested palm pulp which is a mixture of oil, water, fibre and nuts.

Hydraulic presses and the older centrifuges have been deemed almost redundant today as palm oil processing plants these days use specifically designed screw-presses much like the ones used for other kinds of oil seeds. Palm oil screw press is made of a rod-shaped punctured enclosure and a narrowly fitting screw running through it. The digested palm fruit mashes are unceasingly carried through the enclosure and taken to an opening that is restricted by a cone which generates the pressure needed to extract the oil via the cage perforations in the enclosure.

Due to the commotion and massage action that is applied on the fruit pulp in the pressing cage, screw presses are known as the most effective machinery in breaking open the oil cells that remain unopened and hence extract more oil. Screw oil presses can be viewed as an extra digester. They are ideal for the extraction of palm oil and other kinds of vegetable oil.

The following is project photos of palm oil pressing station:

threshing and pressing station line
palm oil pressing station
screw palm oil press
screw press
palm oil press machine
numerical control system

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Facts about Processing of Palm Oil

Palm oil extraction process can extract two kinds of oil products from oil palm fruit. One is palm oil which is pressed from the flesh of palm fruit. The other is palm kernel oil extracted from the kernel of the fruit. Both palm oil and palm kernel oil can be further processed for making a wide range of fractions and derivatives. Palm kernel expeller/cake is widely applied in animal feed industry or be further processed in pellet plant for feeding animals or burning directly.

Main Technical Data

Utility Consumption (Calculated on the basis of the amount needed for processing per ton of fresh palm-fruit bunches)

Steam Water Electric Power
0.5 Ton 1 Ton 25 kw.h


Quality of Crude Palm Oil Produced

Free Fatty Acid (FFA) ≤5%
Moisture and Impurity (M&I) ≤0.25%
Iodine Value (IV) 50.6~55.1
Melting Point (M.Pt) 30.8~37.6

Essential Process of Palm Oil Extraction Plant

The following steps are essential process for both small scale palm oil processing plant and large scale extraction production of palm oil, which means no matter how simple or sophistication of the extraction plant, these steps cannot be omitted.

  • Separating each single fruit from the whole bunch mechanically or manually.
  • Soften the palm fruit by boiling or steaming.
  • Pressing oily liquid out from the fruit pulp by use of physical palm oil extractor (screw oil press is used generally).
  • Purify the oily liquid by use of artificial clarifiers or by purification system.
  • How to Clean the Palm Oil Press Machine after Using?
  • Palm oil press appearance cleaningIt is not difficult to clean the appearance of the palm oil press, but it should be cleaned frequently since dust gathered for a long time can’t be easily cleaned up. 
    Palm oil press inside cleaning:If you want to clean the inside of the press, it is recommended to put some low cost oil crops in the oil press and start it to run a while. 
    After using a while, it is better to clean up your palm oil press machine, do not underestimate the cleaning process. The benefits of cleaning may be not so obvious. But, after a long time using, it is obvious that the frequently cleaning palm oil press have higher efficiency of these without cleaning and has a longer service life. 

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