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Reasons for Palm Oil Mill Business Plan in Nigeria

The demand for palm oil in Nigeria keeps increasing, due to the wide range of applications of palm oil in various industries. However, palm oil production has not kept up with demand growth. At present, palm oil business is worth approximately hundreds of million dollars in the global market.

The first step in starting a profitable palm oil business is to create a detailed palm oil business plan, which helps ensure the success of the business in the start-up phase and future operations. So, how to write a perfect palm oil production business plan with great suitability?

palm oil business plan in nigeria 2023
Start a Profitable Palm Oil Business in Nigeria

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Guidance of Palm Oil Production Business Plan in Nigeria

  • Location selection of palm oil mill plant

Finding a plant location that is situated closer to the oil palm plantations as well as the direct palm oil market place would be perfect for palm oil processing and manufacturing. However, if it’s hard to have an ideal palm oil production plant site, a plant that is close to oil palm plantations would be better for long-term palm oil manufacturing. In addition, this palm oil processing plant should have easy access for vehicles.

  • Get high-quality and required palm oil processing machines

Nowadays, palm oil processing equipment and machinery are widely used to press and process oil palm fruit/palm kernel to extract palm oil. Palm oil processing press and palm oil extraction machines are more hygienic and help to avoid waste. It is clear that most of palm oil processing machines can be imported at a cheap price. (See more information about How to Choose the Best Palm Oil Mill Supplier>>)

The required machines and press for palm oil processing business include: 

►Palm Fruit Stripper
►Steam Boiler
►Nut Fiber Separator
►Pounding Machine
►Mechanical Screw Press
►Barrels or surface tanks for storage purposes

palm oil machine for sale
Palm Fruit Stripper
palm oil processing machine price in nigeria
Palm Oil Boiler
palm oil mill business plan pdf
Nut Fiber Separator
commercial palm oil press machine
Pounding Machine

Screw Press Equipment

Palm Oil Storage Tank
  • Palm oil processing plant setup

Seek helps of professionals to design and construct the palm oil processing plant. The layout design of palm oil processing factory is very important to increase the oil production capacity and lower the operational cost. 
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  • Professional staff 

It is important to hire workers and staff that is qualified to operate various palm oil processing machines and press in the palm oil extraction plant. Generally, every machine should have one operator for safe and efficient palm oil production. Other administrative staff are also required for good production. Our company provides technical training services for equipment operators.

  • Build marketing awareness

Supply the high quality palm oil at low prices for customers will encourage long-term cooperation and deals. Good marketing strategies to sell palm oil is also necessary.

Our company ABC Machinery is able to draw the best palm oil business plan or help to perfect the cooking oil manufacturing business plan. What’s more, we can supply the best palm oil processing press machines to expand the oil business. If there have any questions about palm oil, palm oil processing, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 

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Is Palm Oil Business Lucrative in Nigeria?

Because so many people consume palm oil both personally and industrially, the palm oil business is immensely successful in Nigeria.

Commencing operations as a wholesaler demands a higher initial investment compared to starting as a merchant in the palm oil business. Establishing a wholesale company typically necessitates a starting capital of ₦500,000, whereas entering the market as a retailer usually requires an initial investment of ₦200,000. (You may interest in this article: Cost of Setting Up a Palm Oil Processing Mill in Nigeria>>)

The price of a ton of palm oil is roughly ₦173,000. Therefore, ₦17,300,000 will be paid for 100 tons. Trough calculating the expenses you will incur throughout the earliest stages of the palm oil factory operation. Your estimated profit of ₦5,500,000 demonstrates the profitability of the palm oil production business in Nigeria.

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Successful Nigerian Palm Oil Mill Project Construction by ABC Machinery

10TPD Palm Oil Extraction Plant, 10 Tons/day Palm Kernel Oil Press Plant, 3T/D Palm Oil Refinery Plant Setup in Nigeria Recently

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Palm Oil Processing Equipment Factory Manufacturer/Supplier

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Small Palm Oil Production Project Built in Nigeria

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