Optimal Plant Layout of Palm Oil Mill

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ABC Machinery has been specialized in the palm oil mill plant, palm oil mill plant layout design and complete palm oil processing machinery for years. We have established professional development and design team for improve the productivity of palm oil mills or palm oil plants. If you have any demands for palm oil or palm oil production, please contact us for more detailed information, we will try our best to ensure you the maximal profits.
best plam oil factory plant design and layout for high efficient palm oil production

Palm oil mill plant layout 

palm oil mill plant layout includes a series of separating and extraction processes that are described below.
  1. Harvesting - the Palm oil is extracted from palm fruits and these plants grow in the tropics usually in Africa. The bunch is cut when the fruit is ripe and these fruit bunches are sent by trucks to the palm oil pressing plant.
  2. Fruit Reception - the fruits arrived from the farm is dumped into a Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) hopper which is then transferred to fruit cages. The cages are then moved into a steriliser.
  3. Sterilization - the sterilizer acts as a pressure cooker where the fruits are heated with steam at a pressure of 45 psig for about one hour. This process softens the fruits enabling the separation of the fruit from bunches and stopping the enzymes that cause the increase of Free fatty acids in the fruits.
  4. Threshing - in the next stage, fruit cages are tipped and moved to a threshing machine using the conveyor belt . The bunches get lifted up and dropped when they reach the top of the drum. This action helps the detachment of fruits from the bunches and the separated fruit lets fall through the slots of the drum to a conveyor below.
  5. Pressing - The fruits are moved to a digester which mashes up palm fruitlets so that the oil is extracted efficiently. The output from the screw press is press cake and crude palm oil. The extracted oil is mixed with fruit particles, water, sand and dirt and the press cake is the transferred to the depericarpper for further processing
  6. Clarification Station - The oil is pumped to a heated vertical tank where the separation of oil from the sludge takes place with the help of gravity. The oil is skimmed from the top and the remaining dirt is removed in a purifier. The heated clean oil is then passed to a vacuum chamber for the removal of the remaining moisture.
  7. Press Cake processing - The press cake is moved through a conveyor that assists the break up of cake to a depericarper, which is a square box with a strong suction. The air removes the fibres and transports them to a cyclone. The nuts being heavier drop to the depericarper and are cleaned on a rotary drum and transported to a silo for intermediate storage.
  8. Nut Processing - The nuts are first cracked in a nut cracker and the cracked mixture consists of kernels and shell which is then processed and separated. This is done in air columns and by a water bath in a hydro-cyclone. The kernels are dried in a silo and then packed in bags for sale and other factories extract oil from the kernel.
customized layout of palm oil refinery plant for efficient palm oil processing

General layout of palm oil fractionation process

Multiple crystallisers are used in the series to maximise the use of filter through good planning. It is important to note that fractionation is quite modular technology and very often results in a tailor-made palm oil mill plant. Several water tanks (two to four), all at different temperatures, can be installed in order to maximise heat recuperation while keeping all cooling medium in a closed loop, but this can just as well be done with a single tank feeding chilled water to the crystallisers while steam is added to supply heat and normal cooling water is fed directly from a clean cooling tower. The fractional crystallisation of triglyceride oil is a slow process. The whole filtration and the squeezing operation can take from 30 to 90 minutes.

ABC Machinery provides optimal palm oil mill plant layout and design for all palm oil mills or factories, from small-scale to large-scale. What’s more, you can also find palm oil complete machines and refinery machinery in our company to fulfill your business ambitions. If you are interested to know more about factory layout for palm oil industry, please feel free to contact us any time. Below is our contact details.

  • We are willing to built palm oil mill 80ton per hour. For our plantation in West Kalimantan.Please advise.Thanks
  • Dear,Thanks for your inquiry. Please help to advise below information before quoting you the most suitable solution.
    1. Your raw material is palm friut, right?  And the capacity is 80TPH?  
    2. May I know how many palm trees do you have in your plantation now? How do you handle the plam fruit before? ​
    3. Do you have any available factory to set up the plant now? How about the size and distance from the palm plantation? How about the water and electricity situation nearby?
    ​4. If convenient, please let me know your company name, address and phone no. please?
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