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Palm Oil Mill Plant - Industrail Scale Oil Production Plan

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Fresh Fruit Bunch Reception and Sterilizing System

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PLC Controling System of Palm Oil Production

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Among many poor communities in the world, palm oil is considered for cooking and also as a source of calories and nutrition. It is a consumable vegetable oil extracted from the reddish pulp or the mesocarp of the oil palms. If you visit the tropical areas of Africa, Latin America of Southeast Asia, you will find palm oil being used as common cooking oil. As a result, palm oil processing business plan have become a rage in those areas with a number of plantations already operating there. (Read more: Palm Oil Processing Plant Cost >>)

How to Manufacture Palm Oil?

palm oil manufacturing business planIf you have a palm oil processing business plan on your mind, you need to know first how palm oil is processed and packaged. The oil palm tree, as we mentioned above, produces fresh fruit branches almost all across the year, barring a few periods of low productivity. In order to extract the palm oil, you need to check whether the palm is fully ripe or not. Generally a harvest tools, like sacho or scythe is used to remove the brunches from the plant. This is the entire harvesting process. After this comes the extraction process.

  • The fresh fruit branches are then put on a rail-like system in the factory. Then this is put into a steriliser and cooked for 120 minutes. This is done in order to make the fruits come easily from the brunches. The fruits that are received are softer than before, so you can easily remove the pulp from the flesh of the palm.
  • Next is the thrashing process. The cooked brunches are put inside a thrasher. The thrasher looks like a drum which has some holes on either side. Here the brunches are extracted off their liquids, and the dry brunches are later used to separate the fruits. The brunch waste which is produced is burnt and the ash that is produced is used as manure since it contains potassium.
  • Next the palm oil is released in the fruit by breaking down the oil-bearing cells. There is a digester vessel where the fruits are thrown. The vessel contains a steam heating mechanism which breaks down the oily cells to easily extract the oil. The entire process required 30 minutes and the heating is done at 100 degree Celsius.
  • As soon as the material is passed through the digester vessel, pressing is done and a pulp is produced which is made up of oil 53%, water 40% and the rest 7% comprises of solids. A cake like substance consisting of fibre and nuts is produced. The pressing is done either by a wet method using hot water or a dry method employing only squeezing as a process.
  • Next is the purification process where the oil is separated from the impurities by decanting through three phases. The oil is then purified in a plate and is dried under a vacuum. This makes the oil thick and lastly it is filtered to remove any traces of impurities. (Related links: Palm Oil Refinery Plant >>)
  • Finally the virgin palm oil is packaged and made ready for exporting. So, if you are thinking of a palm oil processing business plan, make sure you have calculated the expenses involved in the whole extraction and processing methods.
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