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ABC Machinery palm kernel oil processing machine

If you are going to get palm kernel processing machine for your oil mill plant or just for your oil making needs at home. Where you can get the best processing machines in Malaysia? ABC Machinery is the leading machinery supplier in the sector of oil processing. We delivers oil processing machines with superb quality and competitive cost. Besides, we continuously improve the technology of palm kernel oil extraction for maximized oil output.

ABC Machinery - Your best choice to buy palm kernel processing machine in Malaysia

The palm kernel processing machines developed by ABC Machinery demonstrate strong oil processing capability and stable continuous operation. It is able to extrude oil from a wide range of edible oil seeds, including peanut, sunflower seeds, coconut, castor beans, mustard, cottonseed, pumpkin seed, grape seed and more, which makes it perfect for all mini oil processing plant and large oil mill. It utilizes advanced mechanical screw pressing method to maximize the oil output. So, it features wide application, high yield, less maintenance, continuous operation and energy-saving.
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Palm kernel oil (PKO) in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the largest palm oil and palm kernel oil producer in the world. It now accounts up to 39% of worlds’ palm kernel oi and palm oil production. And, about 44% of worlds’ palm oil and palm kernel oil are imported from Malaysia. In a word, Malaysia takes an important role in the worlds’ palm oil industry.
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What we can do?

ABC Machinery is specialized in manufacturing complete oil milling machinery. Our palm kernel oil processing machine has been exported to the world's largest palm oil producers, Malaysia and Indonesia. With years of experiences in this sector, we are able to provide inimitable processing machinery to enhance your business. Besides, we have a group of senior engineers and experts for onsite construction, commissioning and technical consultancy. Therefore, we are your best choice to buy Malaysia palm kernel processing machines! If there have any needs, please tell us.

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