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Palm Kernel Oil and Its Uses

Palm kernel oil is obtained from the oil palm, the main oil crop in the tropical and subtropical region. Palm fruit is the most productive oil crops in the world. Palm pulp has 46 % ~ 50 % oil and palm kernel has 45 % ~ 50 % of oil. The oil extracted from palm fruit is called Palm Oil (PO), while, the oil obtained from palm kernel is called Palm Kernel Oil (PKO). They are two distinct oils and the extraction processes are also different. Palm kernel oil is an important edible oil that is widely used in cooking or food processing. In addition, palm kernel oil is rich in nutmeg and lauric acid, making it ideal for making soap, laundry detergent and personal care products. (Related Post: Palm Kernel Oil Production Business Plan >>)

the basic information of palm fruits and palm kernel oil

Products Involved in Palm Kernel Oil Processing
Palm kernel oil processing involves three main products, palm kernel nut, palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake.
1) Palm Kernel Nut is obtained after the process of palm fruit bunches for palm oil.
2) Palm Kernel Oil is obtained by crushing the palm kernel nut and pressing palm kernel.
3) Palm Kernel Cake is the residual after the oil is extracted from the kernel. Palm kernel cake is favorable raw materials to make animal feed.

Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Processing Machine

In places where oil palm grows in abundance such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Colombia, etc, there are a large number of palm oil mill plant and palm kernel oil processing plant. Even though these oil mill plant may adopts different oil processing technology, for palm kernel oil processing, the most widely used method is mechanical pressing, including secondary pressing, since it can ensure the residual oil in palm kernel cake at 5% ~ 7%. (Read more about : Palm Kernel oil Extraction Machine Price in Nigeria >>)

small palm kernel oil processing plant for sales
1~20TPD Small Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machines

The full set of Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Processing Machines include Husker, Crusher, Cooker, Oil Press Expeller, Oil Filter, Oil Refinery Machine, etc..
Oil Capacity: 1~1000 Tons/Day
Oil Yield: >45%
Oil Residual in Cake: <6%

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However, due to the small processing capacity of a single oil press, a large scale palm kernel oil mill plant require a large number of palm kernel oil expellers. Detailed palm kernel oil extraction process by mechanical pressing method is as follow.

flow chart of pko processing

Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Processing Flow Chart

  • Palm Kernel and Shell Separation - Palm Nut Cracker

Palm kernel and palm shell are obtained through the separation between kernel and shell. Normally, the shell can be used as fuel in the boiler system. Husking can improve the oil yield of pko, at the same time, improve the quality of pko and oil cake, minimize damages to machinery and maximize the effective production capacity of pko processing. (Related Post: Palm Kernel Shell Cracker >>)

  • Palm Kernel Crushing - Rod-toothed Crusher

The bare palm kernel after husking process is big in size, which will cause much damages for pko processing machines if it is processed directly. Therefore, it is necessary to crush palm kernel into small piece so as to meet the requirements of palm kernel oil extraction. The main machine for palm kernel is rod-toothed crusher. (Related Post: Palm Kernel Crushing Machine >>)

  • Palm Kernel Cooking - Steam Cooker

The main purpose of cooking is to completely destroy the cell of palm kernel by the effect of water and moisture, make protein denaturation, gather oil, reduce the oil viscosity and surface tension, adjust elasticity and plasticity of material and passivate enzymes. The main machine for palm kernel cooking is steam cooker.

  • Palm Kernel Oil Extraction/Pressing - Screw Oil Press

The oil is extracted from pretreated palm kernel through mechanical forces. Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine is divided into two types: special palm kernel oil press and conventional oil press. Purify the impurities within the oil by clarifying and filtering the crude palm kernel oil

  • Crud PKO Filtration/Purification - Oil Filter

The quality of palm kernel oil obtained through above processing steps is high and enough to reach the standard of cooking oil. If there are special requirements, the palm kernel oil needs to be refined at professional Palm Kernel Oil Refining Plant.

  • PKO Refinery - Edible Oil Refining Machine

Like other edible oil refining, the basic refinery process for palm kernel oil (PKO) is degumming, deacidification, bleaching, deodorization. Some Palm Kernel Oil Refining Process also has the fractionation sector. (Read more about: How to Refine Palm Kernel Oil >>)

small palm kernel oil refinery plant for sales
Small Palm Kernel Oil Refinery Plant (1~30TPD)
continuous palm kernel oil refinery plant
Continuous Palm Kernel Oil Refinery Plant (30TPD above)

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Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant and Cost

  • Small Scale Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine and Plant

For small scale palm kernel oil production business, the screw palm kernel oil press machine is more suitable due to its relatively cheap price and high oil output. In addition, it is more convenient to operate, use and fix it in the actual oil production. For many edible oil production plant, it can also used to extract oil from other vegetable oilseeds, so it can help you to expand the edible oil category.

small palm kernel oil processing machien and plant
Small Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine and Plant

  • Large Scale Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine

For large scale palm kernel oil production, there are two oil processing method, one is mechanical pressing, the other is solvent extraction. Mechanical pressing mainly adopts large scale oil press to squeeze oil, while solvent extraction utilizes solvents, such as hexane, to extract oil. Both of the two palm kernel oil processing requires relatively large investment and complicated oil processing technology.

large scale palm kernel oil machine and processing plant
Large Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine and Plant

The extract cost for palm kernel oil processing plant is decided by many factors. If you are truly interested in palm kernel oil processing machinery, whether it is in small size or large size, please contact us directly. In addition to FREE quotation, we also can provide other professional guidances and instruction to help you start palm kernel oil or palm oil production business.

low cost pko processing machines

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