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Choosing a reliable oil mill machinery supplier and manufacturer is critical for the success of palm oil & palm kernel oil processing business. ABC Machinery strives to put customer’s requirements at the first places, so we make continuous efforts to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency and low price palm oil processing machine to help them make the palm oil or palm kernel oil for their own use or for commercial purposes. If you are new in palm oil industry, we can provide complete services to help you build your own factory to start palm oil or palm kernel oil manufacturing business, including factory design, equipment selection, machinery installation and commissioning, etc. We have a professional team of experienced engineers in palm oil and palm kernel oil processing, welcome to contact us to get more details and FREE quotation!


Palm Kernel Oil Market Potentials

Palm kernel oil is mainly used in the following sectors: food, personal care, biodiesel, etc. The major markets of palm kernel oil are in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa. (Related Post: Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine Price in Nigeria >>)

MARKET SURVEY - supply & demand (global)
MARKET SURVEY - supply & demand (global)

Palm kernel oil is a major component of the food sector and is used to make ghee, butter, ice cream, chocolate and other dairy products. In personal care, palm kernel oil is used to make soaps, creams, body lotions and other products. Palm kernel oil is also used to produce biodiesel and lubricants. Research and demand for palm kernel oil are increasing because of its environmentally friendly energy applications. The Asia-pacific region is expected to be a major demand market for palm kernel oil, driven by rapid growth in food and personal care products in the region. Demand for palm kernel oil is also high in Europe and North America. The United States, Germany, China, India and Japan account for a key share of the palm kernel oil market. Demand for palm kernel oil is likely to grow at a steady rate in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. (Read More: Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Business Plan >>)

Palm Kernel Oil Market
Country Malaysia China Indonesia Philipines India Thailand
Production capacity (MTPA) 1,806,000 1,180,000 716,000 103,000 100,000 4,500

Palm Kernel Oil Pressers Types

Different from palm oil production requires professional palm oil press,  palm kernel oil can be extracted by conventional oil press machine, also known as screw oil press machine. Actually, palm kernel oil manufacturing process is similar with other vegetable oil processing, like groundnut/peanut oil, sunflower seeds oil, etc..

For palm kernel oil production by physical pressing, there are two types palm kernel oil pressers for customer’s choice: one is small scale screw oil press, the other is large oil press machine.

Small Palm Kernel Oil Presser
Small Palm Kernel Oil Presser
Large Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machine
Large Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Machine

Usually, small scale palm kernel oil presser is suitable for home use, small scale palm kernel oil mill plant. While, the large scale palm kernel oil pressers are much more suitable for medium sized palm kernel oil processing plant or the pre-pressing equipment in the complete palm kernel oil extraction plant. (Related Post: Palm Kernel Oil Production Line Cost and Equipment >>)

Small Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Lline
Small Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Lline
Large Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant for Business
Large Palm Kernel Oil Processing Plant for Business

To get the estimated palm oil presser price or the total cost to set up a complete palm kernel oil production plant, please tell us more about your requirements, budget and other necessary information, so we can suggest you the most suitable equipment or plan for your palm kernel oil processing needs.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Palm Kernel Oil Production Process Using Oil Pressers

  • Palm Kernel Shell Separation: the palm kernel nut can be obtained by separating the palm kernel shell from palm kernel.
  • Palm Kernel Nut Crushing: in order to ensure optimal oil pressing effects, palm kernel nut is broken into small pieces to increase the surface area of oil pressing. And, the smaller raw materials are better to transfer the temperature and water in the steaming and frying process.
  • Palm Kernel Nut Steaming: The purpose of steaming and frying for palm kernel nut is to completely destroy the palm kernel nut cells through the action of temperature and water for protein denaturation, oil aggregation, reduction of oil viscosity and surface tension. Then, the elasticity and plasticity of the processed raw materials are adjusted and the enzymes are passivated.
  • Palm Kernel Oil Pressing: the processed palm kernel nut is then transmitted and loaded into palm kernel oil presser to get the crude palm kernel oil through mechanical external force.
  • Crude Palm Kernel Oil Filtration: the crude palm kernel oil obtained after pressing is generally not very clean since there are many impurities. So, it is better to remove the large organic impurities that are brought during the palm kernel oil extraction process by palm kernel oil filter machine.
  • Palm Kernel Oil Refining: this process is designed to produce high quality palm kernel oil by removing the chemical and organic impurities that contained in the crude palm kernel oil through a series of oil refining process, including degumming, deacidification, decolorizing, deodorizing, etc. (Related Article: How to Refine Palm Kernel Oil >>)


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The Application of Palm Kernel Oil Meal in Animal Feed

The palm kernel oil meal refers to the waste obtained after squeezing out the oil. Palm kernel oil has great values when used as animal feed. Below is some of the benefits for animals.

Palm Kernel Oil Cake as Animal Feed
Palm Kernel Oil Cake as Animal Feed

Pig: Appropriate palm-kernel meal in pig diet can reduce the feeding cost, and 3-5% of palm-kernel should be used in the early stage of growing and fattening pigs. The consumption of palm kernel meal can be increased to 5-7% in the later stage. The amount of palm kernel meal in the diet of male sows can be 8-12%. Young pigs can be used in small quantities.

Chicken and Duck: Palm kernel meal can supplement the energy, vitamin, manganese and other trace elements needed by chicken. It can be used about 5%-8% to replace corn. Besides, Palm kernel meal can supplement the energy, vitamin, manganese and other trace elements needed by chicken. Palm kernel meal not only affects palatability, but also can further improve the utilization rate of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other mineral elements when used with enzyme preparation. Palm kernel meal is a high quality protein energy feed for ducks. It also provides vitamins and trace elements. About 8%-10% can be added. For laying hens and laying ducks, it can be used as protein supplement feed to improve production performance and greatly reduce feed cost, and its toxic and side effects are far lower than other miscellaneous meal.

Ruminant Animals: Different from monogastric animals, about 10% of the fat contained in palm kernel meal was natural plant fat, 90% of which could pass through the rumen, and the absorption rate was high in the small intestine.
Palm kernel meal can be used in ruminant animal feed not only with high value and good palatability, but also can provide high quality fiber, which can be used in dairy cattle and beef cattle concentrate up to 15-30%. Direct addition to the diet can provide a higher dry matter addition of 10-15%, which can improve the quality of milk and beef.

Aquatic Animals: Palm kernel meal can be added to aquatic feed 5-10%, the energy value provided is higher than that of wheat bran, and provides high quality protein, vitamin trace elements are higher than wheat bran, corn and other energy raw materials. Micro powder effect is good, increase the adhesion of aquatic feed particles.


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