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What is PKO?

PKO is short for palm kernel oil, with the oil content of 40%50%, known as “the king of oil in the world”. Differ to the palm oil that is extracted from the palm fruit, palm kernel oil is processed from the kernel of the palm fruit. As we all know that palm is the native plant in Southeast Asian and African countries, like Indonesia, Nigeria and Malaysia. And the palm oil is the main edible oil in these places. (Read more: palm kernel oil business plan pdf)

What is the PKO Processing Plant?

PKO processing plant is a palm kernel oil production line composed of a series palm kernel oil processing equipment.

Small Scale PKO Processing Equipment Plant

Large Scale PKO Processing Machinery Line

As a professional PKO processing plant manufacturer and supplier, our complete set of palm kernel oil production equipment mainly includes: palm kernel treament processing plantpalm kernel oil pressing production line and palm kernel oil refining production line.(Related article: palm kernel oil business in nigeria)

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Main Process to Setup PKO process plant

Palm Kernel Pretreatment Process

Pretreatment of palm kernel is very important in the PKO processing plant, mainly including the following steps: (Related article: palm kernel cracking machine)

  • Palm kernel cleaning step: this step is to remove the impurities like iron wire, stones chips and fibers etc., to prevet the machine from cracking and destroying.
  • Palm kernel crushing step: in this step, the palm kernel should be crushed by two times. And the first time to crush the palm kernel shell, so as to remove it in the next step; the second crushing is to crush the palm kernel into small pieces, thus extracting the oil easily. (Related article: palm kernel crusher)
  • Palm kernel and shell separating step: after the crushing step, the crushed shell should be removed to keep the purity of the kernel oil. Wet and dry separation method can be selected, which is decided by the amount of palm kernel, the requirement and cost of the client.
  • Palm kernel drying and cooking step: the fresh crushed palm kernel has high moisture content, needing to be reduced to 7%. Then the dried palm kernel is cooked to reach the best condition of oil outlet.

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Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Process

With the palm kernel oil press, crude palm kernel oil is processed in this process. We have different scales of palm kernel oil extraction machine for sale, you can choose the most suitable one for you production.

Palm Kernel Oil Refining Process

Crude palm kernel oil has some impurities, need to be refined, including degumming, decoloration, deodorization and dewaxing.

Global Palm Oil (including PKO) Production Pattern in Last 10 Years

Year Output (ten thousand tons)
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