How Palm Oil Extracting Plant Works?


extracted palm oilCrude palm oil is extracted through a carefully monitored series of phases that seeks to make sure that the end product is highly appealing. Palm oil extracting plant usually begins with harvesting of the fruit. This article seeks to cover on process of palm oil physical extracting (screw pressing) and field factors that determine quality of expelled palm oil. The following are the main steps that you should keep in mind and follow keenly as you make sure to get a final excellent crude palm oil:

Station 01. Harvesting of Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB)

fresh fruit bunch

For extracting oil from palm fruits, you will have to start by harvesting fresh fruit bunchs and keeping them ready for the next stage of palm oil production. Make sure that they are ripe and in good condition if you are to get a perfect result.

Station 02. Threshing of Fruits

FFB Threshing

After harvesting, you now focus on threshing stage. You start by removing fruits from the bunch and then start threshing. This stage can easily be managed by the use of hand or sometimes the use of mechanic thresher that gives a better finished product. The thresher is well known for its ability to easily vibrate and rotate the fruits as it separates them from the bunch.

Station 03. Sterilization of Fruits

Sterilizing of palm oil extracting plant

This is an important step of palm oil extracting that uses heat to help in the partial cooking of fruits. It is done with a lot of care and following of instructions while at the same time focusing on stopping of enzymatic reactions that are known to cause oxidation and also the disruption of cells in the mesocarp. Through this step, easier extraction of oil is achieved and this makes producers to continue focusing on the next step. According to experts, wet processes work well with the use of water that sterilizes the fruit through a boiling process or streaming of fruits and production of waste water as the byproduct. On the other hand, the use of dry process helps in the sterilization of the fruits through a roasting process or a perfect smoking process. During the implementation of wet process, the fruit is easily sterilized before any threshing process. In any dry process, threshing of fruits is done after the sterilization process.

Station 04. The Digestion Process

digesting and palmoil extracting

This is a process that focuses on crushing of fruits before any extraction of palm oil. It is a better stage that highly focuses on warming the pulp through a perfect process to easily maximize oil yields. This stage calls for maximum concentration and you are also allowed to remove the nut from its pulp before focusing on pressing stage to yield gradeA oil. Another option is to press the mesocarp with the use of nut.

Station 05. Palm Oil Extracting (Mechanical)

palm oil making machine

It is during this stage that you now start focusing on pressing or extracting the oil. Here, the pulp is pressed in palm oil expeller, it burst all cells that contain oil and releases the palm oil. This is an important stage that seeks to focus on several types of presses that usually focus on pressing of fruit pulp. You can use the screw presses or at the same time dare to try the hydraulic presses. In the modern times, the screw oil press has gained a lot of popularity because of its ability to yield more oil when pressing mesocarp.

Station 06. Clarification of Crude Palm Oil

palm oil clarification section

After oil extracting, the oils are usually taken to a clarification section to easily help in the removal of impurities. It is in this stage that the final crude palm oil is received, observed and finally stored in a bulk tank. The oil is kept well to make sure that there are no impurities. It is an important stage that helps in the clarification of the real product and other wastes to make sure that you get the most important product.

Station 07. The palm keener recovery stage

palm kernel recovery section

Nuts and fiber are usually separated in this physical stage after all solids leave the important screw presses. Fiber products here can be used as good biomass fuel in boilers and the nuts used in the extraction process of palm kernel (Read more: Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant).
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