How to Start Palm Oil Processing Business in Guatemala?

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Palm Oil Industry in Guatemala

Palm oil makes up about fifty percent of edible oils consumed around the globe. Apart from Palm oil being a favorite ingredient in most dishes, it has varied uses than any other plant product. For that reason, the palm oil market worldwide is worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year. And many people prefer palm oil to other oils. Other reasons why palm oil is preferred include palm oil being cheaper than other edible oils, it is a good source of Vitamin E. It has a relatively long shelf, and has several industrial uses such as in the production of margarine. (Read more about Palm Oil Business Plan >>)

palm oil in Guatemala

Palm oil production in Latin America is growing rapidly, but exports have not increased significantly due to strong demand in local market. Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador are major producers of palm oil in Latin America. Therefore, starting palm oil business processing in Guatemala is a worthy investment.

How to Start Palm Oil Business in Guatemala | Palm Oil Mill Plant

5 tons per hour palm oil processing plant for sales

5T/H Palm Oil Processing Plant

In Guatemala, palm oil processing can be a roller coaster ride if you don't adequately prepare yourself. However, with the following steps, you can set up a complete palm oil processing plant and even proceed to set up a palm kernel extraction plant. The following are key steps on how to start palm oil processing business in Guatemala.

  • Get Start-up Capitals

No matter what kind of business you are engaged in, it is extremely important to get the start-up capital since it can decide the scale, the procedure, the output and more about your business. If you have enough capital, you can try other ways to get the money, such as get the loans from the bank and others. Since palm oil processing is definitely a profitable business around the world, then get the start-up capital is as difficult as you imagined. Or, you can try start with a small scale palm oil processing machine, it requires relatively less investment cost. (Read more about Palm Oil Processing Plant Cost >>)

  • Locate a Good Location

Since you are not going to sell the palm oil directly to the consumers, it won’t be necessary to set up your processing plant near a market. What to look for when setting up the processing plant is the closeness between the palm plantations and your processing plant. However, if it’s possible to get a location whereby your processing plant is near the palm plantation and market, it will be an added advantage. Another thing to consider is the area should be free from animal and human movements yet accessible to vehicles. It’s because the location should have a high level of hygiene for the plant.

  • Acquire Necessary Palm Oil Processing Equipment 

The days when palm oil pots were used are long gone because the traditional methods were very wasteful. Nowadays, advanced palm oil milling machine is used for palm oil processing. The modern techniques are not wasteful and are very hygienic. Equipment you need includes a boiler, palm fruit stripper, pounding machine, surface tanks for storage uses, a separating nut fiber machine, and several mechanical screw press. (Read more about Palm Oil Refinery Process >>)

  • Setup the Oil Processing Plant 

At this step on how to start palm oil processing business in Guatemala, you need to reach out to professionals. The professionals should be certified as they will help you to construct the required infrastructure. However, if you have choose a reliable and qualified palm oil mill plant supplier, they usually has professional technical engineers to help the installation and commissioning of all the palm oil processing machinery. Just like our company ABC Machinery, our experienced engineers have worked in many countries for palm oil mill plant setup, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Australia and more.

  • Look for People to Work with You 

It is one of the vital tips on how to start palm oil processing business in Guatemala as you cannot work alone. You’ll need someone to operate the processing machine, administrative staff, security personnel, and marketing team staff. Remember, to look for the qualified people as they will be useful. 

  • Create Market Awareness for Your Brand 

In the long run, you will need to sell your product. It will only happen if people or companies know your brand. Reach out to prospective marketers and convince them to buy from your company. For you to achieve this goal, you have to offer high-quality palm oil. Also, your prices should not leave a dent in customer's pockets as this would make them not to buy from your company.

edible palm oil on selling

Edible Palm Oil on Sales

With this steps on how to start palm oil processing business in Guatemala, you can be sure to have huge returns. These tips are also helpful in combating the challenges of a palm oil processing business. If there are any questions about the palm oil processing business setup, please contact us for professional suggestions!

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