Small to Medium Scale Palm Oil Processing Mill

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palm oil processing business guide
Palm Oil Process Technology and Project Plan

The complete equipment of includes sterilizer, thresher, digester, oil press machine, crude oil tank, oil filter machine, oil refinery equipment, etc.. Now, palm oil business is hotest project in many regions, like Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, etc. (Related Post: Cost of Setting up a Palm Oil Mill in Nigeria >>)

ABC Machinery can provide complete palm oil processing machine in different capacity to meet different customer’s requests. We not only provide the mini scale palm oil processing plant that can process palm fruit about 300~500 kg per hour, but also has all the equipment for palm oil processing plant, up to 120 tons per hour.

If the capacity is less than 3 tons per hour, we recommend mini scale palm oil mill plant;

If the capacity is between 5 tons per hour and 20 tons per hour, we recommend small scale palm oil mill plant;

If the processing capacity is more than 30 tons per hour, we recommend complete palm oil processing plant;

how to start your own production line with best business plan

It is definitely a lucrative endeavor to start palm oil or palm kernel oil processing business due to the huge demand around the world. If you don't know how to choose the equipment, or want to knwo the profits of a complete oil mill plant, please contact to get FREE quotation!

Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Plant Features

small scale palm oil process mill
Palm Oil Extraction Factory of Small Scale (Screw Pressing)
  • Low cost, high degree of automation, save manpower and material resources
  • New type threshing machine allows high efficiency and large output
  • New type digester allows even cooking, then palm fruit on the bunches are loosing greatly, which is beneficial for oil extracting
  • Professional screw oil press can press the palm fruit together with kernel without damaging the machine


What's the Price of Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Equipment

small scale palm fruit oil press machine
Small Palm Fruit Oil Press Machine
comelete small scale palm oil processing equipment
Complete Set of Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Equipment

How much needed to buy a complete set of small scale palm oil processing machine? This the questions customers asked mostly. Actually, the total cost of the palm oil processing machine is decided by the capacity, detailed requirements and more. Particularly, for a complete or automatic oil processing plant, there are many details should take into consideration. Just contact us, tell us your required capacity, we then can offer you the complete machine parameters, together with price list. 

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Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Mill Production Process

Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Mill Production Process

Small Scale Palm Oil Production Process (0.5T/H)

  • Threshing: to separate the palm fruit from the palm fruit bunches
  • Digestering and Sterilizing: boiling and high temperature over 145℃ to sterilize palm fruit. The purpose of palmetto fruit killing yeast is to prevent decomposition, avoid further increase of free fatty acid content of rabbits, when it helps later processing, reduce the crushing of palm kernel.
  • Oil Pressing: the screw palm oil press is the most commonly used press. After pressing, a mixture of oil and water can be obtained and pressed cake (fiber cake).
  • Oil Clarification: the method of natural clarification is mainly used to separate the crude oil. The main equipment is the crude oil clarification tank.
  • Oil Filtering: it relies on the press device to press the filter plate, and then palm oil is pumped into the filter chamber, through the press cloth to achieve the purpose of separating the dough particles and liquid particles.

From the above steps, we can get a relatively pure crude palm oil, which can be eaten directly, or if you have other special use, you can also do deep processing. Of course, we also have the palm oil deep processing equipment - palm oil fractionation equipment. Our main palm oil production equipment includes palm fruit thresher, palm fruit digester, palm fruit sterilization machine, palm oil pressing machine, palm oil filter machine, crude oil tank, palm oil refining equipment, palm kernel oil extraction machine, palm kernel oil refining and fractionation machine. There are any questions about our equipment, please contact us directly!

Palm Oil Production by Country in 1000 MT
Rank Country Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Nigeria Colombia Guatemala Honduras Brazil Ecuador Papua New Guinea
Production (1000 MT) 4870 2245 397 330 154 82 65 64 58 58

Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Plant Video


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