Set Up Palm Oil Refining Plant to Start Edible Oil Processing Business

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Are there any demands for palm oil refining plant and want to know the cost of building a palm oil refinery? If yes, you should look at the following passages carefully.

ABC Machinery, is a professional world-wide palm oil refining plant supplier. We highlight the quality and efficiency in the manufacturing of palm oil refining mahcine, and the design of palm oil refining plant project, which will ensure long-term operation of the edible oil refineonce it built up and minimize the maintenance cost for the palm oil processing machinery.

Except quality and reliability, you may be also interested in the cost to build a palm oil refining plant for starting edible oil making business, please keep looking at.

Cost on Starting a Palm Oil Refining Plant

Usually, the cost on starting a palm oil refinery plant should depend on what does it refines. Is it the crude palm oil or the refined bleached and deodorized palm oil. If the crude palm oil, also known as red oil, is needed, the palm oil refining plant may cost less than a plant that is for the refined bleached and deodorized palm oil.

Typically, the palm oi refining plant for crude palm oil needs professional palm oil processing machinery to ensure the quality of the final product. So, what a palm oil refining plant should have?

  • Separator - used to separate the palm fruits from the fresh fruit bunches
  • Boiler - used to boil the palm fruits for easy separation
  • Press - used to squeeze the oil out from the sludge
  • Storage drums - used to store the extracted palm oil
  • Bottles or jerry cans - used to deliver palm oil into the market
  • Labours - for routine operations of the palm oil refining plant
edible oil refining plant

In conclusion, a palm oil refining plant (including the palm oil refinery machine) in small scale may cost about $ 250,000 to $300,000.

If the palm oil refining plant is for RBD palm oil, then it may cost more. All the basic machines are listed below.

total cost of palm oi refining

However, only machine and money are not enough for starting a palm oil refining plant. The techniques of palm oil refinery process and other evaluations about the palm oil refining plant also play a important role in its successful operations. That’s why you should find a reliable and professional supplier or manufacturer. Our company, ABC Machinery, is absolutely you best and ideal choice for starting your own palm oil refining plant. You can visit our website for more detailed information or you just send our emails according to below contacts.

  • We are interested in the palm oil refining line, pls send us the price.
  • As for palm refinery, what's your desired processing capacity per day? Where did you get the crude palm oil, produce yourself or buy from outside?
    Do you know the index of the crude oil, such as the acid value, peroxide value, moisture content? Awaiting for your comments.
  • Good day. We need two complete plants, one for Physical refining using crude palm oil (200 -300 TPD)  and other for fractionation using palm oil RBD (100 -200 TPD). The oil specifications for refining plant and fractionation, the first using crude palm oil and the second physical refining palm oil (PORBD).
  • Thanks so much for your enquiry to our products. It's no problem to provide the physical refinery and fractionaion, however, could you kindly advise the following questions:
    1. Why you want 200~300TPD refinery, while only 100~200TPD fractionation?
        Usually, the two capacity is almost the same.
    2. What's your current business? do you have steam boiler yourself?
        If not, do you need us to provide it for you, also?
    3. Where're you going to build  this project, in Colombia or other country?
    4. Do you produce crude palm oil yourself, or buy from outside?
  • Dear sir may I know what is the cost for setting a refining plant for Crude Palm Oil ( CPO) 500 MT per week?
  • Hi, thank for your inquiry. As for you request, here is the comments.
    1. 500MT CPO, it's around 70MT CPO per day. In that case, we suggest 100TPD continuous refinery production line, pls confirm whether it's ok with you
    2. What's the purpose of the refined oil, do you need fractionatioin ?
    3. What's your current business scope, where did you get the crude palm oil, make it yourself or buy from outside?
    4. Do you have steam boiler at your factory? if yes, what's the capacity per hour?

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