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The quality and design of palm oil production line is the key to the quality of palm oil and also the crucial to the success of your palm oil business. ABC Machinery is a professinal manufacturer and supplier of palm oil production equipment including palm oil extractor and machiner for chemical refining of palm oil, we are also good at offering turnkey production plan for complete sale of palm oil mill. We garentee top quality and competitive cost. Join us and starting your own palm oil production factory and make big money!

palm oil production line

Nearly 50% of items that are sold in grocery stores contain palm oil. Even though it's very common on the ingredient lists of various products, many people know very little about it. lf you have some questions regarding where it comes from andror what the different stages of a palm oil production line are, read the paragraphs below to get some answers to those questions and more.

Process of Palm Oil Production Line

Palm oil is extracted from the fruits of the oil palm trees (or some times referred to as oil palms). These trees, which originated in Africa, usually grow in the tropics. After being planted, a well fertilized oil palm tree can take 4 to 6 years to produce fruits for harvesting. The life expectancy of oil palms is 28 to 30 years and at this point, it's hard to harvest the heavy bundles of the fruits using extension poles due to their height (about 12 meters). At this point, pesticide is injected into the oil palm trees to kill them from within and sooner or later bulldozed so as to create room for planting new oil palms.

process of palm oil production line

Harvesting the Palm Fruit

The fruits grow in thick bundles which are tightly lodged in-between the branches. When ripe, the color of the palm fruits is red-orange. ln order to dislodge the bundle, the branches must first be chopped off. Palm fruit harvesting is physically exhausting and is even much harder when the palm-fruit bunches are bigger. The fruits are collected and transported to the processing plant. (Read more:Fruit Recepting of Palm Oil Extraction Process)

Sterilizing and Softening Of the Fruits

Palm fruits are very hard and so they have to first be softened before doing anything with them. They are heated with high temperature (140 degrees Celsius), high-pressure (300 psi) steam for about one hour. The process at this stage of the palm oil production line softens the fruits in addition to making the fruits separable from the fruit-bunches. Detachment of the fruits from the bunches is achieved with the aid of a threshing machine. Furthermore, the steaming process stops the enzymes which cause free fatty acids (FFA) to increase in the fruits. The oil in a palm fruit is held in miniature capsules. These capsules are broken down by the steaming process, thereby making the fruits pliable & oily. (Read more: Sterilizing System of Palm Oil Mill)

Palm Oil Pressing Process

The fruits are then conveyed to a screw palm oil press which efficiently extracts the oil from the fruits. The screw press outputs press cake and crude palm oil. The extracted crude oil contains fruit particles, dirt and water. On the other hand, the press cake is composed of palm fiber & nuts. Before being transferred to the clarification station for further processing, the crude palm oil is first screened using a vibrating screen so as to get rid of dirt and coarse fibers. The press cake is also transferred to the depericarpper for further processing. (Read more: Palm Oil Press Machine)

The Clarification Station

This stage of the palm oil production line includes a heated vertical tank which separates the oil from the sludge by gravity. The clean oil is skimmed from the top and then transferred through a vacuum chamber to get rid of the remaining moisture. The palm oil is pumped into storage tanks and at this point, it's ready to be sold as crude oil. (Read more: Clarification of Palm Oil Production Process)

Uses of the Fiber and Nuts in the Press Cake

When the fiber and nuts are separated from the press cake. The fiber is burnt as fuel for steam generation, whereas the nuts are cracked into shells and kernels. The shells are also used as fuel whereas the kernels are dried and packed in bags for sale. Oil (kernel oil) can also be extracted from these kernels, refined and then used in chocolate, ice cream, cosmetics, soap, etc. (Read more: Palm kernel Oil Extracting)

Treatment of Waste Water (Effluent)

At one point in a palm oil production line, water is used to separate the oil from the solids and sludge. Before discharging the waste water from the mill to a water course, the effluent is first discharged from the mill into a pond so as to allow the bacteria to decompose the vegetable matter in it (the effluent).

The paragraphs above give a simple explanation of a palm oil production line. The waste products of the palm fruits can also be used to produce electricity.

palm oil production line projects
Automatic Palm Oil Production Factory with PLC System

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  • I want to start a small small vegetable oil production.How much will it cost to start producing about 500 liters of finish vegetable oil. And what quantity of raw palm oils will be needed. Will the production line include packaging?
  • Hi, dear. Glad to receive your inquiry. It's Steven from ABC Machinery.
    Pls tell me whether your raw material is the palm kernel or palm fruit?
    As for your concerns, the finished oil yield will be based on the quality of the crude palm oil, if your crude palm oil is fresh, the oil yield will be near 85%, it means, if you want to get 500L finished palm oil, you need to refine near 600L crude oil. But if your crude palm oil is bought from other factory, you need to get the acid value of it.
    We surely can offer the oil package machine together with the production line, pls tell me the size of your bottles.
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