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Why crude palm kernel oil should be refined?

What should we do after get the crude palm kernel oil (PKO)? What is the right way to improve the oil quality and tastes? As we all know, the crude oil is inedible. It can’t be directly used as cooking oil or as the ingredients for food industry. What’s the reasons?

Crude oil refers to oils that didn’t got through the refining process. It has many kinds of foreign matters, like sorlid residue, sand, cake residue; solloid-soluble impurities, like phospholipid, protein; oil-soluble impurities, like free fattyacid, pigment, aflatoxin, gossypol ,moisture. Due to the above impurities, the crude oil is easy to rancidity, which makes it in low quality and has less values in use. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these useless matters based on different using requirements and make it edible. This is the same for palm kernel oil. So, the crude palm kernel oil needs to be refined for cooking or other edible purposes.

Palm kernel oil refining steps

The typical steps in the palm kernel oil refining line includes Degumming section, Neutralizing section, Decolorization/ Bleaching section, Deodorizing section.
palm kernel oil refining steps

Best Oil Refinery Line for Palm Kernel Oil

Here, we will have a detailed introduction of our palm kernel oil refinery line. As the leading oil machinery supplier in China, we have many reputable products that of premium quality. Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machines and Palm Kernel Oil Refining Equipment have helped us build good reputation in the globe markets these years. Our palm kernel oil refining line is suitable for small scale and large scale oil processing needs.

Batch palm kernel oil refining line (Mini palm kernel oil refinery plant)

Capacity: 1~30 TPDsmall scale palm kernel oil refining line
Brief introduction: Batch oil refining contains degumming, neutralizing, decolorization and deodorization section and has all the functions of large oil refining plant. The features of batch oil refining are as follow.
  • Short cost recovering time and less investment
  • Takes up less production space and is easy to operate
  • Energy-saving design

Main equipment: heat conduction furnace, steam generator, refining pot, decolorizing pot, deodorizing pot, hot water tank, filters and other auxiliary equipment.
Other usage: soybean oil, peanuts oil, sunflower oil, rape seeds oil, cottonseeds oil, coconut oil, palm oil, niger seeds oil, rice bran oil, fish oil, seal oil, etc.

Fully automatic continuous palm kernel oil chemical refining line

Capacity: 30 ~ 1000 TPDcontinuous palm kernel oil chemical refining line
Brief introduction:This oil refining line adopts the acid and alkali neutralization principle to remove the free fatty acid and uses disk centrifugal separator to separate the phospholipid and soap stock. The features of chemical oil refining are as follow:

  • Has less requirements for the quality of crude palm kernel oil
  • Refined palm kernel oil has stable quality
  • It uses less bleaching earth compared to physical refining
Main equipment: degumming pot, neutralization tank, centrifugal separator, heat exchanger, bleaching tower, filer machine, deodorization tower, etc..
Other usage: palm oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, tea seed oil, maize/corn germ oil, rice bran oil sunflower oil, etc..

Fully automatic continuous palm kernel oil physical refining line

Capacity: 30~1000 TPDpalm kernel oil physical refiining line
Brief introduction: Palm kernel oil physical refining means it removes the free fatty acid by vacuum vapor distillation, instead of neutralization. The features of physical oil refining are as follow:
  • High refining rate but low oil losses and less waster water discharge
  • More free fatty acid (FFA) are distilled
  • Especially suitable for the oils of low gun content and high acid values
  • Requires less cost on investment, and less assistant material on the refining process
  • High quality and stable equipment and more simple process

Main equipment: degumming pot, heat exchanger, bleaching tower, oil filter, deodorization tower, animal oils, etc..
Other usage: rice bran oil, palm oil, vegetable oils, animal oils and more.

With years of development, we have been a specialist in oil refining fields, especially palm oil and palm kernel oil. We have advanced refining equipment and technicals. Please tell us your estimated refining capacity, we will offer the perfect refining plan. You're very welcomed to inquiry our latest price!

  • Hello, I am interested in buying Mini Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Line and Mini Palm Kernel Oil Refining Line, Can you kindly give me all necessary information, including cost.
  • Thanks for your inquiry. Please let me know what is the capacity do you need of the small oil pressing line? How many raw materials do you want to process in one hour? How about local 3phases electricity?--V?--Hz? So, we can design and quote you accordingly.
  • I am interested in buying a crude palm kernel oil refining machine of about 50-80 tons/day. Please tell me the price, delivery time and payment terms. What do I need to make available in the factory before the machine arrives? How many days will installation take?
  • Hi, dear. Pleased to learn that you're interested in our products palm kernel oil refinery line! As for your request, could u tell me the refinning way you desired, batch or continuous type? for the cost does vary a lot! Besides, do you need fractionation or not? pls kindly inform us more info by filling in the form I have emailed you, so we could know yoru requirements in details, thus suggest and quote for you accordingly.
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