Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine for Edible Oil Business

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crude palm oil refining machine for edible oils business
Palm Oil Refining Machine for Edible Oils Business

Due to the increased demand for palm oil in the world market, palm oil extraction and palm oil refining (including palm kernel oil processing) has become an important manufacturing sector in the world. Actually, palm oil is now the NO.1 traded vegetable oil in most parts of the world. Due to this increased demand, it is important to have this oil perfectly refined for it to attract the right market. To achieve this, a good crude palm oil refining machine is necessary. 

Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine for Edible Oil Production

Basically, crude palm oil refinery involves theremoval of impurities from crude oil for so it can be pure and safe for use. During this process, impurities such as phospholipids, coloring pigments, free fatty acids, glycerol, sugars and phenols are removed. These impurities are removed so as to enhance quality and to increase the shelf life of refined palm oil.

Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine Types

  • Batch Type - Mini/Small Scale Oil Refining Unit

Capacity: 1~20T/D
Low Investment Cost & Small Factory Areas
Easy Operation & Full Oil Refining Functions
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  • Semi-continuous Type - Small to Medium Oil Refining Equipment

Capacity: 10 ~50T/D
Much efficient than batch oil refining machine
Requires more cost

  • Continuous Type - Large Scale Oil Refining Plant

Capacity: 30T/D above
Automatic and continuous oil refining process
Requires large investment and covers large space
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In addition to the crude palm oil, above mentioned all types of edible oil refining machine is also suitable for other vegetable oil refining, including soybean oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, mustard oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil and more. What’s more. Some of the animal oils, such as seal oil or fish oil can also be refined with this technology. Read more about palm kernel oil processing.

Crude Palm Oil Refining Machine Cost

cheap small scale palm oil refining machine for sale
Small Scale Palm Oil Refining Machine for Sale

The price of palm oil refining machine is closely related to the production output, refining technology & process design and included equipment type & quality. Here is some references for you: The cost of 1ton/day small palm oil refinery unit is about $18000, and the equipment cost is about $57000 for 10ton/day medium scale palm oil manufacturing business. Contact us now to get customized edible oil refining project plan with exact palm oil refinery plant cost for FREE!

Crude Palm Oil Refining Process

The crude palm oil refining process involves five important sections: 

  • Degumming -Alkali Refining

The soluble impurities in palm oil not only affect the stability of oil, but also affect the process effect of oil refining and deep processing. In the process of alkali refining, oil will promote emulsification, increase the difficulty of operation, increase the consumption of refining and adjuvant, and reduce the quality of soapstock; In the decolorization process, increase the amount of adsorbent consumption, reduce the decolorization effect. (Related Topic: Degumming Process of Palm Oil)

  • De-acidification

The De-acidification process is a distillation process carried out at high temperatures and low pressure that involves the removal of volatile components that include Ketones And Aldehydes. The removal of these components becomes necessary for if not well removed they cause an unpleasant smell in the refined oil. In addition, this process involves the removal of fatty acids, Carotenoid pigments and other oxidation products evident in the palm oil. The crude palm oil refining machine used in this process determines the extent of purity of the refined palm oil you get since not all machines are made with the precision to purely remove impurities.

These processes highly influence the quality of refined palm oil. Since the quality of good palm oil is determined by its flavor, stability, shelf-life, and color, it is important to consider using only the highest quality crude palm oil refinery machine for either local or industrial crude palm oil refining.

  • Bleaching

The bleaching process involves the removal of certain contaminations which highly influencesthe general appearance and quality palm oil. During the bleaching process, coloring pigments, phosphatides, oxidative products and trace metal complexities such as copper and iron are removed. Due to the importance of the bleaching process in the refining of crude palmoil, only a crude palm oil refining machine well designed for this process should be used. This machine should be designed to ensure thatthe process of bleaching is done at controlled parameters for quality refined palm oil.

  • Deodorizing

Deodorization process can remove unpleasant odors and odors from oils. The principle of oil deodorization is based on the same condition, the vapor pressure of the odor component is much higher than that of glycerin. In the condition of high temperature, high vacuum degree, through a certain amount of superheated direct steam, steam through the oil containing odor components, vapor-liquid surface contact, steam is saturated by odor components and according to its partial pressure ratio overflow to achieve the purpose of removing odor components.

  • Fractionation

This process mainly involves the cooling of the oil by maintaining the right temperatures for maximum quality. After the right temperatures are obtained in this process, the oil is fed to the filter press which separates stearin and palm oil. Stearin is formed during the process of fractionation but is removed by use of filters within this process. Filtration is important in this process and only a machine with good filters should be used so as to ensure that the refined palm oil has no traces of stearin in it.
It is evident that the process of refining crude palm is complex. A good crude palm oil refining machine should be used in refining crude palm oil since it highly determines the extent of removal of undesired impurities for the quality of the refined palm oil. If you are interested in setting up edible oil plant for processing palm fruits, welcome contact us for help!

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