Small Screw Palm Oil Presser for Sale

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If you are a new comer in palm oil processing business and want to get complete information, ABC Machinery, with decades of experiences in manufacturing palm oil processing machine, would be your BEST partner. No matter how big capacity palm oil processing equipment you need, we can provide you full guidance, plans and equipment.

Screw Small Palm Oil Presser

screw palm oil presser for sale
Screw Palm Oil Presser

Palm oil presser is the screw type oil press machine that is specially designed to process palm fruit. It is only used for palm oil extraction. The palm oil presser is widely used in small palm oil mill plant. It is small in size and efficient in performances. The reasonable structure design maximizes the oil extraction rate and reduces the wear rate of the palm oil extraction machine itself. The daily production capacity of ABC Machinery palm oil presser ranges from 0.5tpd to 23tpd. Below is the detailed technical data.

Model Capacity (T/H) Power (KW) Outline Size (mm) WEIGHT(kg)
DZYZ-0.5 0.5 4 2200X1500X1600 260
SZYZ-01 1 5.5 2280X910X600 1340
DZYZ-02 2 7.5 2690X500X1100 1200
SZYZ-03 3 7.5 2850X950X650 2800
SZYZ-05 5~7 11 3940X1600X850 3400
SZYZ-10 10~12 22 4650X1600X950 4100
SZYZ-15 15~17 30 4760X1600X1100 4800
SZYZ-20 20~23 37 4850X1800X1200 5600

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Small Palm Oil Presser Features

small palm oil presser at factory price
Small Palm Oil Presser for Sales

In addition to the small capacity, what else makes the small palm oil presser the BEST choice for most of the small palm oil pressing plant? (Related Post: Palm Oil Processing Cost>>)

  • Convenient Power Supply

It can be equipped with diesel engine or electric motor, which providing great convenience for those who is inaccessible for electricity. 

  • Small Size and Easy Operation

Small structure is easy to operate and maintenance. And it can be moved easily.

  • Wide Uses

It is not only suitable for small scale palm oil mill plant, but also great choice for home use

Small Palm Oil Pressing Line with Screw Presser

small palm oil presser production line for sale
Mini Palm Oil Processing Plant

The small palm oil pressing line connects palm fruit thresher, digester, conveying machine, palm oil presser, oil tank and plate palm oil filter to produce red palm oil from palm fruit. The capacity of this small palm oil mill plant ranges from 1tpd to 20tpd. It has been brought by customers from Nigeria, Ghana, India, Cameroon, Tanzania, Thailand and more countries due to its highly efficiency and relatively low investment.

Main Process of Small Palm Oil Pressing Line

mini palm oil production line use palm oil presser
Small Scale Palm Oil Mill plant

  • Palm Fruit Threshing: This process is to separate palm fruits from the bunches.
  • Palm Fruits Digestion: This process is to crush palm fruits for easy oil pressing. (Related Equipment: Palm Oil Digester Machine >>)
  • Palm Oil Pressing: This process uses palm oil presser to squeeze oil from the palm fruit. 
  • Palm Oil Clarification: This process uses the plate palm oil filter machine to get rid off the impurities contained in the crude palm oil and get the final red palm oil. (Read More about Palm Oil Refining Process >>)
  • Palm Oil Storage: The palm oil produced is stored in the oil storage tank for transportation or packing for selling.

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