How Much Do You Know About The Extraction Of Palm Kernel Oil?

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As one professional manufacturer and supplier of palm kernel oil excretion equipment, ABC Machinery has experienced in this industry for nearly 15 years, having set up multiple projects for extraction of palm kernel oil with reasonable cost. If you have any questions about palm kernel oil extraction, please contact us, we are always here for you!


Palm Kernel Oil Overview

Palm kernel oil is extracted from the seeds of the oil palm fruit. It is a lauric oil like coconut oil containing high amounts of lauric acid, and it is solid at room temperature. The freshly extracted palm kernel oil is yellow-brown in color and is refined to obtain a nearly white-yellow fat. It is widely used as a solid component in the production of margarine and is a basic raw material for the production of intermediate oleochemical products such as cosmetics and detergents. (Related article:palm kernel oil business in nigeria>>)


How Much Do You Know About Extraction Of Palm Kernel Oil?

Just like other seeds oils, palm kernel oil can be extracted with three methods, including mechanical oil extraction, solvent extraction and pre-pressing & solvent extraction, and these three methods have their own features. (Related article: palm kernel oil extraction machine price in nigeria>>)

  • Mechanical Pressing

Mechanical pressing method of palm kernel oil production is the use of pure physical pressing oil production process, after the selection of materials, frying, physical pressing, after the natural plant fiber filtration technology to produce. (Related article: palm kernel oil processing machine>>)

palm kenerl oil pressing lines
Palm Kenerl Oil Pressing Lines

This method does not involve the addition of chemical substances, retains the rich nutrients in the oil, is free of chemical solvent pollution, and does not contain other chemical preservatives and antioxidants. However, the disadvantage of the pressing method of oil production is the low oil yield. 

  • Solvent Extraction 

Solvent extraction is also called a leaching method, in other methods can be used for extraction of palm kernel oil production. It uses the solvent oil to oil raw materials after full immersion for high temperature extraction, after degumming, dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, deacidification and other processes processed, the most important feature is the high oil yield, low production costs, which is one of the reasons why the price of many edible oils are generally lower than that of pressed oil. (Read more: solvent extraction plant cost>>)

solvent extraction of palm kernel oil
Solvent Extraction Of Palm Kernel Oil

Note: Residues in the edible oil are inevitable during the leaching process, and national standards stipulate that even qualified leaching oil is allowed to contain ten milligrams of solvent residue per kilogram.

  • Pre-Pressing & Solvent Extraction 

In order to further increase the efficiency of palm kernel oil extraction, people combine the mechanical pressing method and the leaching method. With these two combined extraction methods, the vast majority of the oil can be extracted from the palm kernel, thus maximizing the efficiency of the entire palm kernel oil production and reducing the production cost. 

No matter which method you choose for the extraction of palm kernel oil, high quality machines are the only way to ensure successful production, and ABC Machinery has always believed in this.

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