Do You Know What Is Palm Kernel Oil?

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what is palm kernel oil

A palm tree is one kind of plant whose fruit has high content oil inside. but many people know more about palm oil, and confuse palm kernel oil with palm oil. Actually, their differences are apparent. Now let's have a look at what palm kernel oil and how palm kernel oil is made.

What is Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm kernel oil, also known as palm kernel oil, is obtained from the kernel of the palm fruit. Palm kernel oil contains a large amount of low grade fatty acids, so its properties are very different from palm oil, but similar to coconut oil.

palm oil vs palm kernel oil

Palm Oil VS Palm Kernel Oil

The oil palm tree first originated in West Africa. Industrial palm oil is red and is extracted from the palm fruit, while palm kernel oil is white and is extracted from the inner kernel.

How Palm Kernel Oil Is Made?

Just like other types of oil materials, palm kernel oil can be produced either by oil press expeller or by oil extraction equipment. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can also offer a process of pressing followed by leaching.

complete palm kernel oil produciton line

How Palm Kernel Oil Is Made

  • Of these three methods of oil extraction, the most commonly used is the mechanical pressing method, which consists of four main steps: pulverising the palm kernel, cooking, oil extraction and filtration. The press method is less expensive and more efficient, making it suitable for startups to start the palm kernel oil production business, as well as for investors looking to invest in a large palm kernel oil pressing plant.
  • Oil solvent extracting method mainly consists of crushing, solvent extraction, solvent separation from the solvent mixture, solvent separation from the wet powder and solvent recovery. Compared to the pressing method, this method produces a more complete oil. 
  • For this reason, some customers choose a combination of pressing and leaching called pre-pressing & solvent extraction. The main processes are crushing, cooking, pressing and solvent extraction processes.

NOTE: Whichever method of production you wish to choose, its cost depends on your reality and budget. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of palm oil equipment, we offer complete production process design as well as equipment matching. If you have questions, you can contact us. for details of the palm kernel oil making equipment and the latest price list.

Some Successful Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant Around the World 

Project Name Project Position
20tpd Palm Kernel Oil Refinery and Fractionation Plant Nigeria
60 Tons/Day Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Line Ghana
10tpd Palm Kernel Oil Refining Machine Nigeria
5TPD Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Equipment Nigeria

These are some countries around the world where we have setup palm kernel oil extraction machine plants, and we can see that Nigeria has the majority of the projects, this is because Nigeria has always been one of the leading producers of palm fruit in the world. If you want to start a palm kernel oil mill in Nigeria or want to invest in this industry, we will provide you with high quality equipment and the most attentive service, so come and contact us.

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