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What is a screw press palm oil mill?

A screw press palm oil mill was designed and constructed to extract palm fruit for palm oil. Since it can mechanize the palm oil extraction process and maximize the oil production output, screw press palm oil mill is not only suitable for small-scale palm oil processors, but also plays a very important role in large-scale palm oil suppliers. Palm oil mill plant utilized screw press technology can greatly reduce the human cost and ensure maximized productivity.

small and large palm oil screw press
Different Types of Screw Press

Key factors about a screw press oil mill

The process of obtaining oil from the palm fruit is done by a series of extraction processes in the screw press palm oil mill.

screw press palm oil milling plant

  • Harvesting

Harvesting basically means removing the fruit from the tree. The fruits are removed by cutting the bunches off the tree and transported to the palm oil processing mill.

  • Threshing

The fruit-laden spikelets are removed from the bunch stem and subsequently separating the fruits from the spikelets. In the latter, a rotating or fixed drum with beater bars remove the fruit from the bunches, leaving the spikelets on the stem.

  • Sterilisation

Sterilisation in screw press palm oil mill is done by using high temperature wet heat. Cooking the fruits under these conditions, weakens the fruit stem making it easy to remove the fruits from the bunches.

  • Crushing Process

In order to separate oil from fibre and seeds, the palm fruits are passed through the shredder and pressing machine.

  • Extraction of Palm Oil

Palm oil can be extracted via 2 methods – the wet and the dry methods. The former uses extremely hot water to separate the oil from the rest of the material and the dry method is usually used in a mechanical system press.

  • Kernel Recovery

A mixture of fibres and palm nuts are sorted from the residue from the press and the fibres are left to their own exothermic reactions for a few days. These fibres are re-pressed and a second-grade technical oil is produced. The nuts on the other hand are dried and turned into Palm Kernel Oil. Many screw oil pressing plants use steam boilers and turbines to generate power and this is done with the recovered fibres and nutshells

  • Refining Process

To turn the rough oil into refined oil, the CPO after the process of pressing undergoes a fat segregation process. It is here that we obtain our refined palm oil.

  • Oil Storage

The ideal storage temperature for Palm Oil is between 31–41 degree Celsius to keep it in liquid form. They need to be stored in large steel tanks which to prevent oxidisation is sprayed with Carbon Dioxide. Even with these ideal conditions Palm Oil has a maximum storage span of six months.

palm oil screw process

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  • Please I need information on your palm oil pressing machines, price, mode of payment, delivery time, power need, and any other information that can help our decision.
  • Hi, thanks for your interests in our palm oil  pressing machine. Please advise what's your production capacity ?where do you get the palm fruit? So, we can offer the most suitable quotation or design for you accordingly.
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