How to start a palm oil mill plant with professional palm oil mil equipment

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ABC Machinery, with headquarter in China, delivers a series of dependable palm oil mill equipment for the worlds’ palm oil industry. More importantly, it also provide palm oil mill plant turnkey construction. 

The need of palm oil mill equipment 

Using traditional palm oil processing for the extraction of palm oil is the key factor for a low palm oil economy in Africa. By using the crude methods for extraction of pulp from the palm fruit leaves too much of residue on the fruit. The squeezing process is slow and is quite careless leaving too much of oil as a waste.
The mills used in modern days uses less manpower and squeezes more oil out of the fruits in seconds. The mills are used for sterilizing the fruits and threshing them to free the fruits from branches. The machine then smashes the fruits and extract the crude oil out of them. The crude oil is then treated for purification and further stored for local and international market use.

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How to make money from palm oil mill equipment?

Investing money on a palm oil mill plant located near a palm oil source can be very beneficial. The two major ways to make a profit out of this investment is charging a service fee to the mill and processing harvested fruits for international and local markets. There are two various ways to charge a fee for transportations. One is charging a service fee per kilogramme of fruits transported or fee per hour of transportations used. Following the above two major points, one can offer their customers with an excellent quality of quick and haste free palm oil and milled palm fruits.

You can also buy harvested palm fruits from local dealers to produce the palm oil by using palm oil mill equipment and sell them directly to both local and international markets. This is a potential strategy for increasing the profits as the capacity of the mill to produce oil from the palm fruits is much greater than traditional methods and at a higher price. But there are a couple of things that one should be aware while following this strategy.

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Factors affecting a successful operation of a palm oil mill equipment

First and foremost, to run the mill you need a stable and powerful electric supply. The high fuel prices and low electricity supply in Africa can do certain disturbances on your palm oi milling process. Secondly, the quality analysis is another major factor in this investment. The harvested fruits provided by the local dealers must be of high yield quality. A low grade or rotten fruit might destroy the whole batch which gradually harms the profitability issues. Some minor factors are sorting skilled labours for controlling the various types of palm oil mill machinery used in your mills and quality control of the crude oils and granting an easy access to both the local and international markets for the quickest transaction.
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As a reliable palm oil mill equipment manufacturer, ABC Machinery has already provided palm oil mill equipment for the worlds’ largest palm oil producers, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria and more, helping investors in these country expand their palm oil business. If you are also desiring for a success in the palm oil industry, please contact us for the best palm oil production solutions. We promise that you will never regret for it. 

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