Palm Oil Filter Press & Palm Kernel Oil Filter Press

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ABC Machinery provides complete equipment and machine for palm oil & palm kernel oil production. Our equipment catalogue covers all the processing sections of palm oil manufacturing industry. If you have any needs, please contact us to get FREE quotation and equipment parameters.

Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Oil Filtering

Oil filtering is to purify impurities and remove solids out from the crude oil, so the filtered oil can be used for food or other cooking purposes. This is the same for palm oil & palm kernel oil manufacturing plant. Filtration is one of the most important section to get the pure and high quality palm oil and palm kernel oil. In order to speed up the efficiency and quality of palm oil filtration, it is necessary to use oil filter machine to deal with impurities. (Related Article: Palm Oil Refining Process >>)

palm oil filtering process
Palm Oil Filtration Process

general structure of oil filter press machine
Typical Palm Oil Filter Press Structure

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Palm Oil Filter Press Machine Types and Applications

Both the crude palm oil and palm kernel oil should be filtered or refined. During the filteration or refining process, oil filter press machine plays an important role. (Related Post: How to Choose Filter Machine for Palm Oil Processing Line >>) Generally, there are many types of oil filter press for palm oil and palm kernel oil, and the most widely used machine in palm oil processing plant are: Plate Filter Press, Vertical Leaf Filter Press and Centrifugal Filter.

Plate and Frame Oil Filter Press

plate and frame oil filter machine for palm oil
Plate and Frame Oil Filter Machine for Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil

Palm oil filter press can effectively purify the crude palm oil by utilizing fine-mesh filtration clothes. Principally, crude palm oil goes through the filtration cloth, which forms rooms between plates, and comes out from the faucet under great pressure. Palm oil filter is mainly used to remove non-glyceride within the crude palm oil, like nuts shell, trace metals and substance of oxidation. Unlike traditional manual filtering, palm oil plate filter has many wonderful features.

  • Highly efficient and relatively clean and healthy
  • Scientific structure is user-friendly and maintains smooth operation
  • Suitable for processing a very wide range of vegetable oils

Best palm oil filter press machine at factory price
Small Scale Palm Oil Filter Press

Vertical Oil Filter Machine

palm oil stand/vertical filter
Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Palm oil vertical filter is mainly composed of oil tank, hoisting mechanism, filtration meshes, vibration system, pressure display, slag discharging valve and other. It is widely used in most of palm oil and palm kernel oil production process and palm oil refinery plant, including decoloration, clarification, separation and other process. It is the best filtration method for solid-liquid separation. The main features of palm oil vertical filters are as follows. See also Crude Palm Oil Clarification

  • Compact size takes up small plant space
  • Reasonable design requires less labors but still ensure high efficiency
  • Easy to operate and maintain for long-term performance
  • Provide ideal solution for oil filtration blocking and stumble oil discharging.


Centrifugal Oil Filter Machine

palm oil centrifugal filter
Mini Centrifigual Oil Filter

Centrifugal filter is also used to filter crude palm oil and palm kernel oil that is mixed with foreign impurities, such as solids, soluble glue and others. It employs high-speed rotation centrifugal shaft to separate impurities from crude oils. It ensures effective oil filtering and much purer oil, which is more likely to meet the requirements of cooking or food. Besides, it is also ideal to filter other vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, sesame oil, peanut oil and more. Steps to use the centrifugal filter within a palm oil refineing plant:

  • Turn on the separator to check whether it can operate normally. If no, please carefully check the rotating drums.
  • Start filtering system by opening the water valve and seal. Then, switch the valve to let crude oil into the rotating drum. Keep adjusting the valve for proper filtering capacity.
  • Close the filtering system: stop the heater, valves, power source and clean and wash the rotating drum for next use.

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Other types of oil filter machine for palm oil industry have Multi-function Oil Filter Machine, Vacuum Oil Filter and more.

ABC Machinery, with decades of experience in palm oil processing, provides high qaulity and reliable palm oil filter press and palm kernel oil filter press for palm oil manufacturing industry. We provide single and complete filter press for small scale, medium scale, large scale palm oil and palm kernel oil processing. According to different palm oil processing capacity, we will design the most suitable oil filter press. If you are looking for an ideal filter press for better palm oil processing and refining, please contact us for the latest price and models!

Difference between Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Oil

Palm oil and palm kernel oil are two distinct oils that derived from oil palm tree. Palm oil is obtained from the pulp of oil palm fruit while palm kernel oil is derived from oil palm seed - palm kernel. Both of them are highly saturated vegetable fats - palm oil is about 50% and palm kernel oil is up to 80%. Palm oil, naturally in red or god, contain a high amount of beta-carotene, making it heart-healthy from human.

palm oil and palm kernel oil
Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Oil

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