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FFB Stripper for small palm oil extraction mill

Palm fruits stripper is also known as thresher or threshing machine. This type of fresh palm fruit bunches (FFB) Stripper is widely used in mini and small palm oil extraction mill. The palm fruits account for about 60% of the whole fruit bunch, and the purpose of threshing is to separate palm fruit from the fruit bunch. There is equipped with a lightweight rod in the thresher. When the drum rotates, the palm fruit bunch moves upwards and then falls under the force of gravity, so that palm fruit vibrates from the fruit bunch. The drum is continuously turned over until it is discharged from the bottom. 

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MODEL Capacity (ton/h) Power (kW) Revolutions  (RMP)        Outline size(mm)
TGJ120      1 4 40 3000x1500x2500
TGJ140 5 5.5 30 3500x1700x2700
TGJ160 10 7.5 30  4200x2000x3000
TGJ180 30 11 30  5000x2200x3200

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