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The primary objective of palm oil solvent extraction plant is to extract the palm oil from palm fruit bunches by the process of solvent–a petroleum by-product. Palm oil solvent extraction plant, nevertheless, is one of the best modern methods to extract palm oil at the very low temperature under void to produce outstanding quality of palm oil.

Another goal of palm oil solvent plant extraction plant is to obtain most of the palm oil found in the palm fruit, maximizing the palm oil yield rates. Palm oil extraction is steered on prepared fresh fruit groups or, the cake gotten from pre-pressing. Basic process of palm oil solvent extraction plant contains five processes:
palm oil solvent extraction machine with at low cost

  1. Preparing the palm bunches for removal which comprises pre-pressing;
  2. Extraction of palm oil from the ready garden-fresh fruit bunches with the help of a food-grade solvent;
  3. Desolventising-toasting of the de-oiled palm fruit, frequently combined with withering and chilling of the said meal;
  4. Distillation to remove the solvent from the extracted palm oil;
  5. Recovering the solvent, which is recycled again and again during process of palm oil solvent extraction.

Oil Solvent Extraction Technology

  1. Mainly composed of pre-extraction, extraction and draining sections;
  2. simple design with stable palm processing performance;
  3. Additional horizontal grid plate prevents the miscella from flowing back into the material cell to ensure the best palm oil extraction effect;
  4. The wet meal is discharged by the material discharger which continuously discharges the wet meal onto the wet meal conveyor;
  5. This avoids meal bridging, un-uniform wet meal discharging and extends the serviceable life of the wet meal conveyor.

There is material turnover in the process of palm oil extraction to make the palm oil extraction uniform and thorough. However, certain self-cell solvent spraying ensures the best oil yield outcomes of palm oil extraction plant.
BEST palm oil solvent extraction plant

Characteristics of palm oil solvent extraction plant

  • Versatile for oil making investment - The solvent extraction plant can process various raw materials;
  • Environment-friendly - Solvent extraction system from the vent gas is mainly absorbent;
  • Minimal costs - With full vigor conservation and recurrence usage, steam ingesting is markedly minimized.

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