Key Palm Oil Fractionation Process - Crystallization & Cooling

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Practice and theory of crystallization

  • The melting point of palm oil is about -30 to 70℃ since palm oil is a triglycerides mixture with complex components.

  • Crystallization is a selective process of triglycerides for much higher melting points,

  • Crystallization selectivity is finished during the cooling process through temperature control.

  • Crystallization are achieved with four steps: pre-cooling, Nuclei formation, crystal increase, and conditioning.

Palm oil fractionation process: Crystallization & Cooling

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Crystallization and cooling have great impact on the palm oil fractionation process. Only good crystallization can ensure easy palm oil separation. So, it is necessary for different crystallization types to have according cooling cycling surface and system, and mixture structure. The condition of palm oil cooling and crystallization will decide the palm oil crystallization nuclei, crystals number ans size of the palm oil fractionation process. And ordering and efficient cooling will guarantee the filterability and crystal formation during the palm oi fractionation process.

Based on the different temperature between the cooling water and palm oil, the time of cooling and the process of palm oil nuclei formation will grow slowly when the cooling is stirring and circulating. Once the temperature is reached at the set rate, stop cooling process.

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