Why Is Refined Palm Kernel Oil More Popular?

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Many people know about palm oil, and some even know that refined palm oil is edible. However, there is an oil that is always confused with palm oil which is called palm kernel oil. Like palm oil, refined palm kernel oil is also edible, and is more and more often used in more industries because of its low cost. 

why process refined palm kernel oil

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About Refined Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil, also known as palm kernel oil, is extracted from the kernel of the palm fruit. Palm kernel oil contains a large amount of low-grade fatty acids, so its properties are very different from palm oil, but very similar to coconut oil. 

equipment to process refined palm kernel oil
Equipment To Process Refined Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil  is a common condiment and the refined palm kernel oil is widely used in the growing food commercial industry due to its low cost. And as one kind of extracting seed oils, palm kernel oil is also more popular when it is refined.

Why Is Refined Palm Kernel Oil More Popular?

Then why is refinery palm kernel oil more popular? First, let's look at the purpose of refining palm kernel oil.

  • Purpose of Refining Palm Kernel Oil 

We all know that palm kernel oil is processed in a palm kernel oil making machine plant, whether by mechanical oil extraction plant, solvent extraction plant, or pre-pressing & solvent extraction plant. The existence of impurities in crude palm kernel oil not only affects the edible value and safe storage of oil, but also brings difficulties to deep processing.

palm kernel oil production
Palm Kernel Oil Production

But the purpose of refining is to only remove the harmful impurities for consumption , storage and industrial production, such as phospholipids, mucus, water, etc. Therefore, according to different requirements and uses of the refined palm kernel oil, the palm kernel oil has to be refined to meet the certain quality standards.

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  • Quality Of Refined Palm Kernel Oil

Secondly, what we are talking about is the refinery palm kernel oil quality, which is related to the equipment of palm kernel oil refining. Palm kernel oil refining equipment is divided into three types depending on the solvent of the refining equipment: batch refinery, semi-continuous refinery, continuous refinery. and they have different suitable conditions.

Refining type Suitable palm kernel oil production scale
Batch Refinery (1-20TPD) Small scale palm kernel oil plant
Semi-continuous Refinery (10-50TPD) medium scale palm kernel oil refinery mill project
Continuous Refinery (above 30TPD) Large scale palm kernel oil refinery plant for industrial business plan

As the saying goes ’to do a good job, one must first use the right tool‘, the equipment quality of palm kernel oil refining is very important to the finished palm kernel oil quality. But high quality does not stand for high price. If you want to process refined palm kernel oil with high quality and low cost, you should choose a reliable and cost-effective palm kernel oil refining machine manufacturer or supplier. In this case, the refinery palm kernel oil you processed will be highly popular around the market, and you will get high profits.

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