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Palm Oil Mill

Palm oil mill is fairly different from the other oil seeds pressing machine. Palm fruit contains a great deal of fatty acid enzyme, which could hydrolyze the oil. Therefore, the palm fruit should be transport into palm oil mill plant within 24 hours. Following is the typical palm oil milling process, which will be of great value for new investors or businessman in the palm oil industry. The palm oil milling equipment produced by different palm oil mill company may have little difference, however, the palm oil milling process, simply, can be divided into six parts: palm fruit bunches reception, sterilizing, threshing, mashing and pressing, crude oil clarification and palm kernel recovery.
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  • Palm Bunches Reception

Ripe fresh palm bunches are collected from orchard and transported by trucks. Then, they are weighted by the weighbridge and poured into the discharge door. The discharge door consists of the discharging channel, the lower and upper switches in the gate. Start the valve to open the gate and then the palm fruit falls into the basket conveyor or basket car.

  • Sterilizing

Fresh palm bunches are sterilized in the airtight sterilizer that is injected with direct steam, the pressure is up to 300 KPa, for 60 minutes to prevent enzymes breaking down.

  • Threshing

Usually, drum thresher is used to separate palm fruit from the fresh fruit bunches (FFBs). Separated palm fruit is sent to the next process, pressing, while the empty fruit bunches is ejected to the yard or shipped out from the processing plant for palm orchards slipcover, burned for local fertilizer or for recycling purposes.

  • Mashing & Pressing

During the mashing process, the pulp and the nut are separated and the palm pulp is crushed. Meanwhile, the palm fruit is cooked and the cell of the pulp is broken by the steam. Through previous cooking, sterilizing, threshing and mashing, the pulp has already become soft and the cell of the pulp has been broken. So it is time to screw press the palm fruit. When the pressing is completed, the palm fruit can be divided into two, one is the mixture of oil, water, and other solid impurities, and the other is press cake, usually fiber and nut.

  • Clarification

The crude oil is then diluted through water washing, settlement and filtration so as to remove the fiber material from the oil. And after continuous settlement, it is divided into two parts– oil and oil sediment. The oil is pumped into the tank for storage after centrifugal separation and vacuum drying while the oil sediment is for the second settlement after filtration and dirt separation. After clarification, the sewage is pumped to sewage treatment pond.

  • Recovery of Palm Kernel

The press cake, broken by the breaking screw conveyor, is transported into the fiber separation air net and fiber polishing roller for fiber separating. And separated fiber material is used as fuel and transported to the boiler room, while the separated stone is send to stone warehouse from storage.

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