New 10ton/d Palm Oil Producing Company Will Be Setup in Nigeria

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There will be a new small scale palm oil producing company built in Nigeria. Lately, the palm oil extraction machines and refinery machines (refinded palm oil process) have already been delivered to our client in Nigeria. These machines were shipped in 5 containers. The main oil palm processing equipment for this palm oil factory includes:

Equipments List for the Palm Oil Factory Setup

Here is teh main equipment ordered by our Nigerian customer for his company:

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Palm Oil Extraction & Refining Machine Delivery [Photo Display]

palm oil equipment shipment
Palm Oil Refinery Pot
palm oil extraction company new order
Palm Oil Extraction Machine
factory price palm oil extraction machine shipment
Deodorization Pot
palm oil extraction refinery machine for sale
Steel Plate
palm oil machine shiped to Nigeria
Heat Conduction Oil Tank
palm oil producing company order
Horizontal Liquefied Gas Steam Boiler
low cost palm oil producing equipment
Other Details
palm oil producing machine in Nigeria
Other Auxiliary Equipment

It is a turnkey palm oil project which includes equipment manufacturing, process design, factory layout, onsite construction and operation guidance. Please pay attention to our website to see more about onsite installation. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions on making palm oil or palm oil business in Nigeria.

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

How to Start A Palm Oil Producing Company in Nigeria?

The palm oil business is among one of the most lucrative ventures you can engage in today. This is owing to the fact that agriculture is a fast-growing industry in the world, having incorporated technology into it. As we all know, food is a basic need and thus has to be in constant production for us to survive. The palm oil specifically has gained massive fame in production over recent years worldwide. This is due to their high production potential, accruing to approximately 3.7 tonnes of oil per hectare. This is huge than other seeds of oil such as Soybeans, olive, sunflower, and rapeseed. It is thus unrivaled. 

When we talk about palm oil production, two countries ring in our minds, Indonesia and Malaysia. These are the two dominant palm oil producing companies in the world, producing half of the worlds total exported fats and oils. They are seconded by the USA, Brazil, Europe, and Argentina. However, Nigeria perform noticeably in palm oil production recently.

Palm Oil Market Overview and Prospect

Palm trees are unique in that almost all parts of it can be used in one way or another. Its fruits are processed into palm oil, its leaves, known as palm fronds, are used to make roofing for homes and so are its trunks. The sap is used for making palm wine while the red palm oil is used for cooking in many countries. This gives you the guarantee that you can never go wrong with palms. Palm oil plantations can be used on a perpetual and recurring basis. This means that upon cultivation and planting, all you need to do is harvest your fruits, plant again and wait for the next harvesting season. You can repeat this process for several years successfully.

palm oil production business
Palm Oil Manufacturing Industry

For starter in palm oil extraction or refinery business, all you will need are land, capital, and labor. For a start, a plantation requires a large area of land and this is what you should have in your arsenal. The land should be fertile and hence suitable for growing palm trees. Ease of access is also key to ensure that you save on the cost of production. For each stage of your operation, you need extra hands for the job. For instance, hiring tractors for clearing and workers for planting is a good way to go.
The capital requirements, on the other hand, comprise of:

  • Acquiring land if you do not have any already.
  • Hiring task-force.
  • Maintenance costs of the farm together with the equipment e.g, palm oil processing machine.
  • Seedling purchase.

Start Palm Oil Business Step by Step

palm oil crushing business

If you are planning for run your own palm oil processing business, you can follow these steps to make your customized business proposal.

  • Planting
The basics of planting palms are like allowing adequate space, knowing the price of the seedlings which may range from N250 TO N300 per seed, separation of up to 8 meters between two floors, eliminating weeds and using fertilizers. (Related Post: Palm Oil Mill Processing Cost)
  • Strategy
Despite the palm oil business being lucrative in Nigeria, choosing the right business model will go a long way in ensuring you do not waste your finances. Having a plantation is one thing, buying the seeds from producers and selling it to different buyers is another. Choosing one that works for you based on your capital is prudent.
  • Pricing
Different states in Nigeria have different prices of palm oils. This is often influenced by the level of demand in the area. Knowing how you are going to supply your palm oil is therefore necessary for you to make substantial gains.
  • Storage
You should ensure that you have good storage facilities that offer adequate space for your products. Having it located close to your customers will ensure ease of reach and quick accessibility. This is what you want for your business.
  • Supply and Marketing
You have to come up with a good marketing strategy and supply pattern for your business. This will help you push your goods, hence making you sell faster in the already competitive environment.
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