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As a professinal manufacturer of palm oil processing machinery with the qualifications to design and manufacture palm oil machine, we offer extraction and refinery equipment for both red palm oil and palm kernel oil processing. We can handle 10~3000tons turnkey palm oil making project, service covering oil mill plant design, machinery manufacturing, oil mill installation and commissioning, operation training etc.

Palm oil production involves palm oil making, crude palm oil refining, and palm oil fractionation.

palm oil processing machinery for industrial scale palm oil mill

Palm oil making machine is used for expelling oil from palm fruit and palm kernel.
Palm oil refining machine is used to get rid of compurities in the crude palm oil and make it edible.
Palm oil fractionation plant is used to divide palm oil into liquid and solid.

4 Stages of Palm Oil Processing Line

There are so many uses for palm oil. The demand is growing quickly due to the multipurpose uses. Uses that are both edible and non-edible. The largest demand is to use it as a raw material for biofuels, which have become the new clean fuel. Palm oil is the most resourceful oilseed cop in the entire world. This is where palm oil pressing plant comes in. Throughout the entire process, the machinery does everything needed to turn the palm fruit into palm oil. (Related article: Palm Oil Production Business Plan)

palm oil processing line for making edible red palm oil

The palm fruit is unloaded into the sorting machinery. From there it is cooked at a high temperature. This causes the fruit to separate easily, but also allows the fruit to have lower levels of fatty acids.

  • Separation and Mashing

The fruit then undergoes strong shaking and vibrations which separate the fruit clusters. It is mixed in a tank to mash and crush the fruit.

  • Pressing and Separation

The oil palm fruit is pressed to allow the different parts of the fruit to separate. One side is a mixture of water, oil, and impurities. The other is the actual fruit parts that are left over after the mashing. The crusher divides the fruit even further. The shells of the fruit are boiled to make fuel and the palm kernels are stored after they have been dried. (Related article: palm oil pressing process)

  • Purifying and Drying

The oil is diluted with water to wash away the impurities. The oil is separated from the excess fruit. It then goes through a purification process to clean out any extra impurities. The oil is then dried so that the water level is as low at 0.1%.

The palm oil production machine has really allowed this process to flow smoothly. It takes out the need to manually handle the fruit, thus producing a cleaner, purer grade of oil. Because palm oil production is only expected to increase over the next 10 years, it is very important that we find new and innovative ways to make the process run smoother.

Benefits of Palm Oil Production

benefits of pal moil production

The benefits of palm oil production have been known throughout the ages. They have been used for medicine and food. Still today, we have found many benefits to producing palm oil. There are many benefits to palm oil and we are only finding more pioneering ways to use it. When eaten, it is free of cholesterol and trans fats.

  • Palm oil offers more benefits than other vegetable oils. It lasts longer in your cabinet, is beneficial to one’s health and is a great source of carotenoids, a foundation of Vitamin A.
  • Another advantage is the economic benefit. Individuals in developing countries are given jobs to harvest the fruit, run these plants that process the oil palm fruit, and look after the palm oil processing machinery. It allows these people to havejobs when they othenivise may not.

Palm oil production will only grow. The process is tried and true. The palm oil machinery makes the method of retrieving the palm oil smoother and more efficient. The market is there and the benefits are clear. There are health benefits as well as economic ones.

palm oil processing machinery manufacturer
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